Reasonable Faith $150,000 Matching Grant Challenge

A small group of generous donors has just offered to match every gift given to Reasonable Faith’s ministry efforts—up to $150,000—before the year’s end!

This means that every gift you send today will be matched dollar for dollar, making it twice as effective in reaching those struggling with issues of faith.

Every month, tens of thousands of people come to the Reasonable Faith web site to find articulate, intelligent answers to their questions about Christianity. That’s why this challenge comes at a key time in our ministry as we…

  • Penetrate the public square with mainstream media initiatives.
  • Expand our Internet reach with creative projects and animations.
  • Translate and transcribe all of our content in order to reach people around the world.

Please help us take full advantage of this amazing matching grant opportunity!

If you will help us meet the challenge, a grand total of $300,000 will be available to defend the cause of biblical Christianity and touch even more people for Christ.

Double the power of your gift by making a secure online donation now. Thank you.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Lee Koz, P.E.
Executive Director, Reasonable Faith

P. S. We must receive all gifts before December 31 to meet the challenge. So, please send your gift today. Thank you!

Letters From ex-Atheists

“I have watched many of your debates, and am proud to say that you have converted me to Christianity. I was a hard-core atheist, but once I started listening to your debates, I found that Christianity is the worldview that makes the most sense.”

“I recently became a Christian a few weeks ago. I was a hard-core atheist. However, I read your book "Reasonable Faith" and Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ.” After reading these books, I put some more thought into the arguments, which you and Strobel presented. I came to the conclusion that Christianity is the truth. I am having a hard time telling my friends that I am a Christian, because I was a hard-core atheist and anti-religious. How would you recommend me coming out as a believer?”