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The creative universe and Genesis
« on: September 27, 2016, 11:31:31 AM »
In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.  And God said let there be light.

Religion and science have long pondered the creation of the universe and life.  I believe that the laws of science prove that God created the universe and that even now God is shaping all the universe including humans.  The laws of science show this creative force of the universe and the actions of these laws through time.  Science and religion have seemed to often be at odds with each other attempting to explain our Genesis.  Science seems to want to explain a world without God.  Religion sometimes will explain a world without science.  Many non believers use science to argue against existence of God.  They think that science can explain the world without God.  That the universe and life is a dark and cold random world without purpose.  Here I show that there is a universal law that explains creation and that creative force continues shaping  the world and defines an universal purpose.  This universal law supports the existence of God.

Science  and religion both refer to the creative event
Just look around you. What do you see ? Do you see the randomness and chaos that science suggests?  There is great order and beauty.  It is obvious that creation of order continues even now.  The forces that created the universe continue to shape and create new forms of order.  The initial event of creation of order continues to create form and order including life that we see all around us. 

Consider creation. To define creation an entity must exist.  An entity must have energy to exist that defines it.  Also for an entity to exist its energy form must occupy time or exist for time.  So the initial creation event Genesis had a energy of creation and existed so there was a time of existence. Existence is defined by the energy of existence and the time of existence.  This is the order of existence.    God created the universe and the order of the universe.  This is the creation of order from essentially nothing.    God in his law of the universe has continued  over time shaping the universe.  The initial universe was disordered and rapidly changing.  The order of existence was low. But God continued and continues  to shape the universe always increasing the order.  The order and time of existence continues to increase with time.  This creative law is proof of a living God.