Author Topic: Why should anyone take Dr. Krauss seriously after editing the Vilenkin email?  (Read 168 times)


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This video shows clearly that Krauss in his debate with Craig deliberately tried to deceive not just Craig but the audience and the world. Scientist are suppose to be trusted to care about the truth of the world we live in. Not to mention he deliberately straw maned Craig.

Why or how is it atheist still take his rebuttal seriously even though they lack evidence for a eternal cosmos but insist in this eternal state that cannot be defined

On a serious note. Naturalist make no sense. They believe the universe created us to care about survival just to kill other things that care about surviving in order to survive just to find out survival is impossible! And I forgot the kicker...they believe this happened for no reason at all.

When they say there is no meaning or purpose of the universe. I imagine in my mind that the universe should look like a empty devoid of life and intelligible universe. I don't see this meaningless empty space but instead I see life beauty and complex systems. That alone instinctively tells me the universe has meaning and purpose.