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Mr. Craig,

I wanted to thank you for your ministry. As I entered college I ran into challenges, philosophic and scientific, that I had never encountered and which shook my faith. As I searched for answers I came across apologetics (a term that I was completely unfamiliar with despite a lifetime in church) and your work, among others. You helped provide me with solid arguments and foundation for belief, which buttress me against the shifting winds of emotional belief as well as worldly challenges. I have attempted to pass this knowledge on. I now have a great opportunity to do that as I have recently had two boys I look forward to raising in the Lord (a captive audience I can "brainwash" as Dawkins would say). I hope you don't mind, but in honor of your work, your influence on my life, and your example of Christian character, I named our first after you.


And his brother Alden:As well as William being named after you, the meanings of their names are what we hope for them, and I believe you have lived out.

William, meaning resolute protector

Alden, meaning defender

So, thank you again and know that I appreciate all that you do.

— John

Dear Dr Craig,

not long ago you did a reasonable faith pod cast on weather or not the internet would kill faith. I just wanted to drop a line of encouragement I am 27 a single mom though I was raised Christian (I had a rather rebellious few years in my very early 20's). However I am reasonably tech savvy, So when through playing D&D online I of course ran into atheist's and was surprised that they were of the "New Atheist" Anti-Theist yoke I had much of a struggle trying to defend my faith against constant bombardment even as a person who has been in Christian leadership and will graduate school of ministry in June. As the attacks on my faith continued I set out with the conviction to learn apologetics Why I believe is simple I've seen too much I was raised Christian I've seen lives transformed, and I'm a merical baby (my parents prayed for 14 years for a child). I was also raised around a church with a passion for God and compassion for people while much can be said about some churches I've seen Christianity done right I've seen christians makes mistakes and I've seen them dust themselves off. I've seen the bad side too the side that makes a young person say "This person is christian and being that critical and just mean? this isn't the Christ I know" (It only took being on the receiving end of an anti-theist verbal assault for a moment un-prepared for it to beg for even a "critical" christian if they had better answers.) and walk away lost only coming back when they realize people are not God (they have bad days and makes mistakes and can sometimes not think through their words) if they ever do.

to get to the point, I have the internet to thank for the vast access to apologetic resources the reasonable faith podcast, The mass amounts of apologetics books on amazon and audioble by yourself, Lee Strobel, Gregory Koukl, Ronald Nash (who has gone home), Micheal Behe, John Lennox, Alvin Plantaga... and so many more contemporary as well as historical apologetic. I'm still learning but I've done so much research online and through academically reliable sources even on the opposite side of the argument Dawkin, Hitchen, Dennet, Harris and Peter Boghossian as well as personal experience online of defending the faith and pod cast on my phone it's become a passion (and possibility an obsession xD)

Also I've learned so much in so many area's History, Science, Philosophy.... The study of apologetics has defiantly proven itself not to be a study for the "Weak" or "Academically inferior" But a subject that has resources readily available for the economically challenged. I am currently working on an apologetics class for my church.

— Becca

Dear Dr. Craig,

I'll try to be short. In your book, On Guard I found myself in tears and tremendously encouraged by what you wrote. However, as odd as it may sound, it wasn't your philosophical work that you published in it, although I am very familiar with it, but rather your chapter entitled, A Philosophers Journey of Faith part 1.

I read where you and Jan were at the dinner table and had no clear idea as to where to go after graduation and she asked what would you really like to do if money were not an option. Your response and desires had me in tears and even sobbing. See, right now in my walk and ministry that the Lord has entrusted me with I feel that I am in a similar situation right now. To get to the point, my first year of college I took philosophy as an elective as a blow off class. Little did I know the impact it would have in my life. Both my professors were atheist and the chairman of the philosophy department would hold round tables every semester and extra credit was given for attending. Needing that credit I attended and the subject was God's existence. This began my journey as a believer into apologetics, theology and philosophy which I soon incorporated into ministry. I am currently a licensed minister and have a bachelors degree in theology. Because of my good

standing relationship with the chairman of the philosophy department even years after graduation, he knew I was in ministry and licensed. One semester a couple years ago he asked if I'd participate in a round table discussion on God's existence. By this time I was familiar with the basic arguments of apologetics but honestly was something I did for personal studies, not ever with the intention to participate in a debate. In short I have participated each semester for the past two years at the local colleges and last february even debated my former atheist philosophy professor one on one hosted by a local church which was packed with christians and even atheist students of nearby colleges, including his students! I in fact have a debate coming up in April with a philosophy professor from Houston Community College on the topic, "Is God Necessary".

I say all that to say that right now I am 26 years old and currently single. Although I have been used by God in the area of apologetics I still feel unsure of how exactly the rest of my life and ministry will play out. Although I have already been used to minister through apologetics, teach and even debate, I'm eager to learn more but also understand that a degree under my belt I can do much more for Christ so the end of last year I thought what better place than Biola's distant learning program. With no idea what to do if I do receive it and not a secure income to pay for it I none the less trust God. After applying I was told I was not accepted due to the institute from where I received my degree not being recognized by Biola. I was utterly heart broken seeing how I felt this was where God was leading me and that it was something I truly desired. However, God perhaps is making a way. The founder of my school is currently in contact with biola and it

seems there will be a partnership taking place. I could be accepted after the partnership but I'd have to take extra classes to first get a bachelors from biola and then apply for my masters. Meanwhile I am doing the certificate program plus the extra reading for a potential masters. (I firmly believe waiting does not mean being stagnant).

After reading your testimony about how the Lord provided and opened the door for your humble desire to grow I felt as if God was assuring me that it would be no different for me. I could not help but weep with tears of joy. Please don't think this is an email to get brownie points or that I'm asking for a hand out. No. I trust God for all that. This is just simply saying THANK YOU for being you and sharing not just your ministry but your life with us through your work. I aspire to be used by God as He is using you. I met you once at watermark church for the contending with christianity critics conference. I was at the products table when i turn side and low and behold there was the one and only, Bill Craig. I asked for a picture and your loving wife volunteered to take the picture. I remember remarking how i was star struck and she said something to the effect of, "Why? He's just a servant of the Lord like me and you". I must say Dr. Craig, I really

can't name to you many pro athletes names or teams, but I can name, in my opinion, the top Christian thinkers of our time. In no particular order: Jp Moreland, William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga. So needless to say meeting you was a blessing.

Again, thank you. I can not tell you how much your ministry has strengthened my faith and walk with God. To be honest it has even kept me sane. When I learned through your podcast about God's middle knowledge I had to pause just so i can sit and ponder all the contingent events that took place just so God could bring me to where I am now and then I became comforted in knowing that my future would be no different. That God had it all worked out and that I just had to keep steady in Him and trust in His knowledge which in turn gave me trust in myself that if He trusted me, then I could trust me too.

And I must admit I really do not like to read but you have given me ammunition to do so. I am currently an instructor at a local bible institute in houston and was asked to teach a class in apologetics and wanted to use one of your books as a text. Hence me reading On Guard. Seriously Dr Craig, thank you.

— Eric

Santiago de Cali, 4 de january 2014. Colombia.

1 Peter 3:15

I don´t speak english.

My name is Luis Orlando Campo Rodríguez, I´m doctor and actually i live in Cuba because i´m resident of second year of pediatric. Now, I´m in vacation in Colombia and know the ministery "Reasonable Faith" with William lane Craig. Is very confortable for us brothers on faith see all DEBATE in internet...

I don´t can read in english because i speak very little your language.

Now i reading in spanish

Tuve la oportunidad de ver varios de los debates que se encuentran en You Tube, entre ellos incluso he visto uno en ingles donde Victor Stenger...


... expone una débil respuesta para denigrar el argumento del ajuste fino, pero que resultará solo satisfactorio para aquellos que, como tú lo has expuesto, su capacidad intelectual es tan escasa que asumen como veraz cualquier fabula que se les exponga o permiten ser engañados con filosofías profanas, con el fin de continuar viviendo sus vidas fuera de la voluntad de Dios. (Colosenses 2.8).

By the way... .... ...

Brother William Lane Craig, yo vi un documental que hablaba acerca de la física cuántica, exponían la paradoja Einstein - Podolski - Rosen, y como esta se podría utilizar para el perfeccionamiento de las ciencias de la información, en especial la capacidad de los ordenadores. En el mismo documental se hablaba en teoría de que el ser humano se pudiera teletransportar desde una zona geográfica hacia otra. Mientras veía el documental, pensaba y lograba entrever la omnisciencia y la omnipresencia de Dios (romanos 1.20).

A mí me gustaría escuchar o leer que argumento filosófico teológico existe para apoyar desde el punto de vista de la física cuántica, los atributos de Dios (Hebreos 11:3)

See you later. God bless you brothers.

— Luis