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Comments on the impact of Dr. William Lane Craig's work and the resources at ReasonableFaith.org

Hello Dr. Craig et al,

I discovered the Defenders class podcast about a year ago. I have long commutes in my car and the podcast format is perfect for me. I want to thank you for offering this content for free not requiring any payment. In doing so, I believe you are storing up treasures in heaven.

In the past year, I've listened through the entire curriculum (mostly from Series 2) and I've listened to many of the sections more than once.

Testimonial: I grew up attending various protestant denominations and in my adult life have attended mostly southern Baptist churches. A little over a year ago, my eldest daughter and her husband announced that they were committing to join the Catholic church. They subsequently attended the RCIA courses and were confirmed into the church. This caught me off guard and I really was not sure of the doctrinal differences and had no basis to object. Your class has really helped me understand the different historical perspectives of the major doctrinal areas as well as informing me on some of the history and influential church fathers.

Question/request (not related to above): In listening to the section on Doctrine of Creation, I noticed that on several occasions, while discussing what Dr. Craig terms the "literal interpretation" (i.e. the YE, 24-hour day interpretation), appeal was made to a "metaphoric" interpretation as a negative argument in response to YE/literal assertions. I personally am persuaded most by the old-earth, day-age, progressive creationist position, but I found this metaphoric line of argumentation intriguing. I've read quite a bit on this topic area over the years, but had never encountered this hermeneutic. I would like to ask if Dr. Craig can include a positive case for this metaphoric interpretation as an additional sub-point under this locus. Short of doing this, can someone reply with references/writings where I might find exposition on this interpretation.

Again, thanks and take care,

— Mike

Mr. Craig:

I'm a 53 year-old atheist, living near Chicago. I consider you to be an intelligent, educated gentleman, and I enjoy watching your debates and other videos on YouTube.

Thank you,

— Mark


I wanted to share a book review I wrote of William Lane Craig’s and Joseph Gorra’s A Reasonable Response that was published in June of last year with Convivium: Faith In Our Common Life (a Catholic Magazine).I have attached it to this email.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in theology at the Dominican University College in Ottawa, Canada. Much of Craig’s work and other Christian philosophers have deeply impacted my life and academic work. My thesis involves the Christian conception of God and Creation in understanding the origins and emergence of consciousness, it is closely tied to some of the work of J.P. Moreland.

I will be receiving a copy of Is Faith in God Reasonable? from Routledge for review in the coming weeks.

I also presented a paper recently titled, John Philoponus contra Aristotle: The Impossibility of an Eternal Universe and the Emergence of Consciousness in Light of Modern Science and Philosophy at a conference on Aristotle where I made use of Craig’s argumentation in the Kalam Cosmological Argument to help build my case.

I discovered Craig’s work in 2005 and never looked back.

If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could forward this review and email to Dr. Craig, so he knows his work is impacting Canadian Christian academics as well.

Many blessings,

— Scott

Dear Dr. Craig

I just want to quickly tell you that you have been an immense source of inspiration for me and I thank you (and God) for that. Please don't ever stop doing your amazing work. I am from Namibia (if you don't know where the country is, please go look it up so that you can see how far your work is spreading!), and we are currently planning on starting debates here as well with the focus on apolegetics. Anyway the point is that I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration.

Have a good day.


— Hermann