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Recently I caught WLC's debates with LK on you tube. I was struck with by the utter nastiness of Prof. Krauss. He was vulgar, rude, profane, belligerent, and domineering. He presented little in the way of rational argument. Rather, what one witnessed were emotion-based rants, ad hominem arguments, error-laden, fallacious statements and insults. There is no God, and Krauss hates Him. His obnoxious performance was proof once again that atheists have no logical or rational basis for their (non)faith. It's really all emotion. In stark contrast, WLC was polite, articulate, and presented, as always, cogent, well argued grounding for his position. The contrast between the two debaters was in itself a good demonstration of whose side the truth lay. Congratulations to William Craig.

— John

Just wanted to pass along how I was recently encouraged by the subject podcast. While I wasn't planning on "trying on atheism" anytime soon (God forbid, ever), I still found that the message encouraged me to take seriously how I'm using my spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.
Also, I've always appreciated Dr. Craig's winsome manner, and in this particular podcast, he displayed how being winsome doesn't mean one must sugarcoat matters. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight.

— Phil

Dear Dr. William Lane Craig,
Just wanted to send a letter saying that you are an intellectual hero for me, and that I appreciate all you have done in respect to the Kalam Cosmological argument, and for those, like myself, who want to rationalize their beliefs. I am passionate about philosophy and science, and I have found your logic of time since creatio ex nihilo to be profoundly sound. The concepts you have discussed about the impossibility of an actual infinity and it's importance for the temporal beginnings of the universe has opened many doors of knowledge/understanding for me. I'm pleased to say that reading your academic work has only strengthened by beliefs in a God, and my search for knowledge in both the scientific and philosophical senses. I find it odd that new atheism contends that belief in such a rational model filters knowledge, when, in fact, it has lead me to reading more theology and secular science than ever before!
With much appreciation,

— Tristan

Dr. Craig,
I recently discovered Reasonable Faith and have been learning so much in pouring over the resources available there - particularly your Defenders podcast. Feels like seminary 101, I love it!
I have been a Christian for many years, but going through the doctrine of revelation in the defenders class, I saw smithing I had never seen before; it occurred to me that there is a beautiful correlation between the two main types of special revelation:
1. first the dual nature of Christ (the living word) as both God and man;
2. second, the confluent nature of the inspired scripture (the written word) as being the product of both God and man.
I had never before noticed or reflected on this correlation within the written and living Word. Thank you for helping me to see this beautiful aspect of continuity in God's special revelation to us.
Thank you again for your ministry. I have found it extremely edifying. God bless.

— Sean