Dr. Craig interviewed by Dr. Frank Turek, Saturday 9am CST

Turn your radio to 90.5 FM at 9:05 AM CST in Dallas this morning (Saturday, August 25, 2012). Dr. Frank Turek (crossexamined.org) is interviewing world renowned Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig (www.reasonablefaith.org). They will discuss some arguments and evidence for the existence of God from Dr. Craig's latest book "On Guard"-- Cosmological, Fine-Tuning, and Moral-- and respond to the common atheist objections. They will also touch on the Resurrection of Jesus, the witness of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Craig's recent and upcoming debates, and much more! If you are not in Dallas then you can look up a radio station in your area or listen over the Internet at http://crossexamined.org/radio.asp