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The film version of Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ recently opened in theaters across the nation. A hardened atheist, Strobel undertook a two year investigation to see whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ could hold up to scrutiny. The film dramatizes how he abandoned his atheism for Christianity when confronted with the facts, like those Reasonable Faith offers through our debates, books, and online materials. I had the privilege of being interviewed by Lee on the historicity of Jesus’ empty tomb during the writing of his influential book.

Lee’s story is compelling, but it isn’t unique. As we continue to mark the 10 year anniversary of Reasonable Faith, we’re thrilled to receive many stories of changed lives. Here’s an account that one man posted on our Facebook page:

I was an atheist of 12 years until I watched a debate you did on YouTube. Watching that first debate made me realize that there were tears in the (so I thought) indestructible armor of atheism, and it lead me to seriously questioning my stance and outlook on life.

When I saw your videos my life was falling apart. My wife and I were separated and on the verge of divorce, but after being compelled to read the scriptures, the Spirit told me to forgive. Now, my marriage couldn't be happier, our children are being raised in the faith, my wife is now entering the Church, and we are living a life devoted to Christ. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done, and I must say, the Holy Spirit is with you and working through you. –F.

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With a monthly gift of at least $25 you'll receive your choice of On Guard or On Guard for Students
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With a monthly gift of at least $50 you'll receive both Reasonable Faith and A Reasonable Response
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With a monthly gift of at least $75 you'll receive God Over All and The Cadbury Lectures DVD
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