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"It is hard to overstate the impact that William Lane Craig has had for the cause of Christ..."
J. P. Moreland

"Bill Craig is one of my personal heroes! He is among today's very finest defenders of Christianity..." Lee Strobel

"Not a single student of apologetics should miss this volume..." Gary R. Habermas

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About Reasonable Faith 3rd ed.

Reasonable Faith is a perfect book for the classroom, yet resourceful for thoughtful Christian leaders, whether in the local church, the academy or other parachurch organizations. This updated edition builds a positive case for Christianity that reflects twenty-five years of debating, lecturing, and writing on important issues in Christian apologetics.

In five well-organized parts, Reasonable Faith presents cutting-edge research, evidence and comprehensive discussion to strengthen confidence in the Christian faith.

Each chapter systematically and carefully positions each main apologetic issue within its historical development and then interacts with formidable contemporary scholars on relevant topics. Each chapter ends with a closing reflection, intended to show the real-life applicability of what has been discussed. All chapters provide a resourceful list of cited and recommended sources for further study.

Given the immense diversity of topics, questions, and concerns in Christian apologetics, immaturity of leadership is not an option. It is paramount that a reliable guide, a wise influencer in the arena of apologetic ideas, and an experienced trainer, leads us. William Lane Craig is exactly that author to lead other hearts and minds. The arguments in Reasonable Faith have been tried, tested and found to work because they are sound; they have been honed in rigorous debate, peer-reviewed and critiqued in scholarly publications, and refined by the precision and calmness of a seasoned philosopher.

Craig's approach of "positive apologetics" gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: the relationship of faith and reason, the existence of God, the problems of historical knowledge and miracles, the personal claims of Christ, and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. Craig shows that there is good and convincing reason to believe Christianity is true.

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Reasonable Faith 3rd ed.: Unique Benefits

  1. New and updated topics for a comprehensive introduction to Christian apologetics:
    • Response to "new atheist" objections
    • Updated scientific findings for cosmological arguments for the existence of God
    • Expanded defense of the teleological argument based on fine-tuning research
    • Revised discussion of the moral and ontological arguments for the existence of God in light of contemporary philosophical discussion
    • Critique of historical relativism and its implications for historical knowledge when doing Christian apologetics
    • Application of probability theory to David Hume's argument against miracles
    • Defense of Jesus' claims' to be Messiah, Son of God, and Son of Man
    • Interaction with prominent, contemporary New Testament scholars about the historicity of the gospels, the identity of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus
  1. Illustrative diagrams to help the reader visualize important ideas and concepts.
  2. End-of-chapter reflection points to each chapter's main idea and its application for discipleship, ministry formation, evangelism, and engagement with the ideas of our culture.
  3. Expanded list of sources for further reading and research.
  4. Revised and expanded book index that is useful for digging deeper, cross-referencing, and searching.
  5. Coupled with www.ReasonableFaithTools.com and www.ReasonableFaith.org, these websites provide a school house of resources to help study and enjoy Reasonable Faith.
  6. Reasonable Faith distills over twenty-five years of William Lane Craig's work in apologetics from arenas of debate in North America and Europe, teaching undergraduate and graduate students, and publishing dozens of articles and books in Christian apologetics and philosophy of religion.

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Beneficial Textbook Usage

William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith has been used as a textbook or endorsed by professors at major colleges, universities, and seminaries in North America. Below is a representative sample of these institutions. If you have used it as a textbook, please let us know about your experience.

Acadia Divinity College
Bethel College
Biola University
Central Bible College
Cincinnati Christian University
Covenant Theological Seminary
Dallas Seminary
Denver Seminary
Fuller Theological Seminary
Great Lakes Christian College
Heritage Christian University
La Trobe University
Liberty University
Louisville Bible College
Loyola Marymont University
Luther Rice University
Magnolia Bible College
Multnomah Bible College
Oklahoma Christian University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando)
Salem Bible College
Talbot School of Theology
Trinity Divinity School (Illinois)
Trinity International University (Illinois)
University of Alberta
Westminster Theological Seminary
Yale University

Read excerpts from the 3rd edition of Reasonable Faith! →

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