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No sincere question about God is out of bounds. Here, one of the world’s foremost apologists offers insightful answers to challenging inquiries sent to him – and models how to help people get past their spiritual sticking points.

-- Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith.

The premise of this very helpful volume is stated up front: "questions are our friends." I couldn't agree more, and that's why I love this new book. Dr. Craig's responses to questions he's been asked over the years will stretch you, and with Joe Gorra's assistance you’ll gain the benefit of understanding new insights. You won't regret the journey.

-- John Stonestreet, Author and Speaker for Colson Center for Christian Worldview ( and Summit Ministries (

What a book! Combining a top-notch reference work with solid, practical instruction, Bill Craig and Joe Gorra have created a unique and innovative title that will help all Christians grow and minister. Bill’s sharp insights answering the biggest questions surrounding Christianity provide a rich resource for the pastor or apologist, while Joe’s analysis and framework provides real-world wisdom that can be employed by the evangelist as well as the philosopher.

The book is thoughtfully organized to help the reader move logically through the material, even if many of the subjects are previously unfamiliar to him. The Insights into the questions are spot-on and the recommended resources offer further instruction. Gorra’s opening comments draw the reader back to reason-giving ministries’ true purpose of honoring Christ and building His kingdom.

A Reasonable Response not only gives you the answers but shows the value of apologetics and helps the reader be a more effective communicator of the Gospel message. Equally at home as a small group guide or a personal growth tool, I cannot recommend A Reasonable Response highly enough.

--Lenny Esposito, Founder and President, Come Reason Ministries (

As a pastor of 30+ years in two wonderful churches I know first-hand the importance of apologetics in the life of the church and the personal journey of believers. I’ve faced the questions of confused believers and disgruntled skeptics. A Reasonable Response is not only a tremendous resource because of its comprehensive content but also because of its user-friendly approach that leverages a Q&A format. Dr. Craig strikes an incredible balance between gifted philosopher and compassionate sage. Of special interest are the appendixes which provide practical advice to pastors on recommendations for doing apologetics in the local church while highlighting mistakes and assumptions to avoid. If there is one book that a pastor should use to build his church’s commitment to apologetics—this is it! I enthusiastically recommend this work by Dr. Craig & Joseph Gorra.

--Dr. Brent Strawsburg, Equipping & Outreach Consultant, Conservative Baptist Association of Southern California

Dr. Craig's credentials are well known, so it will not surprise the reader that serious questions about God and the Christian life are answered with wisdom and respect. An added bonus to this work is how well the church and pastor are handled. I don't know of another book that answers the seeker, trains the Christian, and models the apologetic task in the context of the church as well as this one does. As a pastor, I am grateful for how this book approaches my vocation. It belongs in my church. It belongs in your church.

--Phil Steiger, Senior Pastor, Living Hope Church (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Unlike similar books that repackage the same tired answers to perennial questions, A Reasonable Response offers thoughtful and philosophically astute, yet succinct, answers to some of the most challenging queries of both skeptics and believers. While you may not always fully agree with his conclusions, you’ll gain valuable insight from reading Bill Craig's winsome, enlightening approach to apologetics.

--Joe Carter, Editor, The Gospel Coalition (

If learning is often by example, then A Reasonable Response can be a valuable source of encouragement to current and emerging leaders in apologetics. Read it for your own equipping. Read it to gain confidence in answering people's tough questions. Every Christian at every university should have a copy on their bookshelf!

--Rick Schenker, President, Ratio Christi: A Student Apologetics Alliance (

This is a Q&A book that goes well beyond mere questions and answers. It does not dump a bunch of answers in your lap and then send you on your way. No, this book lingers with you, inviting you into the practice of thinking itself. If you study this book carefully, you will certainly gain a rich storehouse of Christian answers. But more importantly, it will equip you to think for yourself so that eventually you're able to arrive at answers on your own. And when you can do that, you will be well-positioned to help others discover satisfying answers to their deepest questions.

--Brett Kunkle, Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason (

I am thrilled to endorse A Reasonable Response. Not only does Dr. Craig tackle some of the toughest questions people are asking today, but we get an "insider's glimpse" as to how and why he answered them as he did. This book will be helpful to beginners and experts alike.

--Sean McDowell is an educator, speaker, and is the general editor for The Apologetics Study Bible for Students

When I am preparing for a debate or a presentation before an atheistic college audience, there is no one I rely on more for clear arguments than Dr. William Lane Craig. Now the most important of them are here in this one volume! A Reasonable Response should convince anyone who is truly reasonable that Christianity is indeed true.

--Dr. Frank Turek, President of and co-author of I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

For many years, William Lane Craig has thoughtfully and graciously engaged in answering questions from people around the world. A Reasonable Response combines some of the most difficult questions Dr. Craig has received with the answers he has given into one incredibly valuable resource! Not only will the reader gain insight into Dr. Craig's arguments, but she will see an excellent model of how to be an ambassador for Christ. Thank you Joe Gorra and William Lane Craig for providing a resource that not only attends to the life of the mind but also challenges Christians in the daily practice of Christianity. This is a timely work in the field of apologetics!

--Mary Jo Sharp, Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University, Founder and Director, Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry

William Craig is one of the top Christian thinkers in the world today. A Reasonable Response is a classic collection of his responses to readers' questions. Readers will be delighted to see how Dr. Craig handles even the most difficult questions people ask today. Read this accessible book to sharpen your own skills in apologetics.

--Dennis McCallum, Author, Discovering God: Exploring the Possibilities of Faith, and a lead pastor at Xenos Christian Fellowship (Ohio).

For the Christian ambassador seeking to master his subject and become a tactful communicator, there is perhaps no better example than William Lane Craig. In A Reasonable Response, budding apologists will find not only a rich resource of scholarly content, but wisdom and insight for engaging others with gentleness and respect.

--Brian Auten, Founder of and Director of Reasonable Faith Belfast.

A Reasonable Response is God's gift to Christendom. For now we not only benefit from Dr. Craig's cogent and insightful answers to tough perennial questions, but equally important, we are also privileged to get a glimpse of what really excites the heart of the author -- one who is passionate and dedicated in reaching the genuine seeker through the defense of the truth claims of Christianity. His example is one to emulate. This is a must-read.

--Harry Edwards, Founder and Director,

Christians today have access to tremendous informational resources for defending the faith -- but information by itself is not enough. Apologetics is relational; questions and objections come from real people, whether they are family, friends, co-workers, or even strangers on the internet. A Reasonable Response provides a valuable resource for Christians who seek both to have good answers to questions, and to share those answers in a way that will be genuinely respectful and helpful. The question-and-answer format makes A Reasonable Response a handy reference guide while also modeling how to graciously answer questions. A further benefit of this book is the extensive introduction, conclusion, and appendices that explore crucial ideas about apologetics dialogue as a ministry.

--Dr. Holly Ordway, chair of the Department of Apologetics and director of the MA in Apologetics, Houston Baptist University

Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig

Reasonable Faith features the work of philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig and aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today, such as:

  • the existence of God
  • the meaning of life
  • the objectivity of truth
  • the foundation of moral values
  • the creation of the universe
  • intelligent design
  • the reliability of the Gospels
  • the uniqueness of Jesus
  • the historicity of Jesus' resurrection
  • the challenge of religious pluralism