. . . Providing an Articulate, Intelligent Voice in Defending Biblical Christianity in the Public Square

Q: Hello, my name is Lana, and I took a course at Purdue called "Metaphysics." I saw you at your debate with Alex Rosenberg. Anyways, And I'm glad I took the course, but I didn't take nominalism, or as you dub it, anti-realism, very seriously. I came out of it being a very strict platonist, but then I re read the gospel of John and I realized I was in huge trouble, I came to all the same conclusions about platonism as you did, I was a platonist, until now. So I floundered about wondering what the truth could be. I didn't take divine conceptualism very seriously at first because it was introduced to me initially by Berkleyianists, and I really do loathe idealism. I don't think it's compatible with Christianity. But I gave it another look and realized divine conceptualism can work with a worldview rejecting Berkley and his type. I don't remember the course too well so if I make a mistake that's why, and maybe I don't understand the same jargon but you did answer my question somewhere out there, I need some guidance.
So I read some of your articles on what you had to say and you convinced me to take nominalism very seriously. And I am rooting for you because I really want you to be right, I think it works so well with all the questions over the years I've had. But I have some questions and criticism I need to get out of the way first. First off, you mention figuralism and fictionalism, but not the trope theory, why is that?