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Q: Hi Dr. Craig!
I consider myself to be a Christian layman, as I am not formally trained in philosophy (I am a computer science major). However, I have been reading content on your website for about three months now and have read Reasonable Faith, On Guard, Contending With Christianity's Critics, Is God a Moral Monster, and I am currently working through Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview.
I have perused the forums here and there is so much deep, philosophical discussion on all your arguments (and it takes me a while to process all of it) on such a breadth of topics that it is easy to get overwhelmed (the A and B theories of time, complicated metaphysics, and other assorted topics). I want to go as deep as I can into these arguments and to be armed past the basic content in On Guard and Reasonable Faith, but I also do not feel called to a full-time apologetics ministry (like yourself or Moreland).