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Comments on the impact of Dr. William Lane Craig's work and the resources at ReasonableFaith.org


I know you have a lot of messages to go through everyday, but I'm hoping you receive this to help encourage you and your ministry.

Today is my birthday, I'm 24 years old. Tonight as I sat at work today I just reflected my journey with the Lord. I used to be an Atheist at the age of 19-20. I went through the deaths of very close family and friends that was excruciating for me to watch on as I watched them die slow and painful deaths. My atheism didn't last long, because through the teachings of Prof. John Lennox I came back to the faith when he spoke at New Zealand, Christchurch. That day changed my life forever.

I can honestly say that if it weren't for you I don't think my faith would have lasted too long, because I was still frail when I came back. Today I just wanted to celebrate life by thanking you sir, for bringing life and the knowledge of God back to me - because I was hungry.

Currently I am attending UGA and pursuing a Bachelors in Philosophy and Public Relations. I hope to continue my pursuit in Philosophy to graduate studies, and help contribute to bringing the knowledge of God to the world like you and many others are doing sir.

I appreciate what you and your ministry sir.

Thank you for helping me,

— Josh


I don't have a powerful, instantaneous testimony to offer here. But I am very thankful to Dr. Craig for answering my question of the Question of the Week concerning Sean Carroll's Quantum Eternity Theorem. I just wanted to say thank you to him and let him know that for those of us who aren't Reformed Epistemologist 7 days a week, I appreciate his continued work, both in the scholarly and popular arenas. It has certainly sustained me for these 7 years that I have been a Christian (it has been Dr. Craig's work on the Kalam and Case for the Resurrection that has played the biggest role in this for me). So, please let him know that there is one more person out there that is beyond grateful for what he is doing.


— Kevin

Dear Dr. Craig,

I just came from chapel at the university where I teach and my son, Austin, is a freshman. I happened to see him across the auditorium and was moved to email you.

Austin is the youngest of our four children. He has a great heart, and as a kid he was quite bold about sharing his faith. He lost his way some in his teens years, making some poor choices and showing little interest in God and church. He was not excited about attending Indiana Wesleyan in his hometown. We agreed that it would not have been a good fit last year.

After much prayer and God’s leading, we decided it be best for Austin to go to Biarritz, France with YWAM. (Remarkably, he had developed a passion for learning other languages in the 6 months prior to this decision – and spent many, many hours teaching himself French.) He’s adventuresome and really liked the idea of going to Europe, meeting new people and surfing. Long story short, Austin spent more than more than 8 months in France and South Africa, growing and serving with YWAM. He became an avid reader, which was completely new for him – funny what no TV and X-Box can do. Austin started to develop a great passion for apologetics and debates involving well-known atheists and apologists. He watched many of these on his phone at night while in South Africa. He read Lee Stroble among other authors. It wasn’t long before he found many of your debates. He devoured these with great enthusiasm, often talking about what he was learning and the importance of apologetics. We listened and smiled.

Fast forward several months to the close of this summer. His brother, Michael, who is a senior at Wheaton was excited about Austin’s experiences, growth and growing interest in apologetics. Michael ordered a copy of your latest book, “On Guard,” saying, “I can’t have my little brother getting ahead of me in the area of apologetics J.” But in the whirlwind of an internship and transitioning back to Wheaton, Michael missed the delivery of your book by a couple days. Austin was thrilled to “borrow it” and now carries it in his book bag all the time. (I’m not sure he is carrying any of his textbooks, but oh well.)

Anyway, I cannot believe how God has moved to fit Austin for his time now at IWU. Your debates and writings have been such a big part of this work. Austin is always telling Michael to be sure to let him know if William Lane Craig is ever coming to Wheaton. Austin was actually excited about taking a Philosophy class this semester, I would never have believed this a year ago. Unsolicited, he’s told me about speaking up in the class, mentioning your name (along with Stroble and D. Willard) and commenting on the four horseman of atheism, etc. I see the with-God live taking root in my son and God preparing him for Kingdom work, which is so wonderful. Thank you, thank you for letting God use you to defend the faith and inspire others.

Lastly, Austin has a gift for learning languages. He’s well on his way to fluency in French and has a good start in German. He plans to add Mandarin during his time here at IWU. I’m excited to see how God might use these talents as well as Austin’s growing passion for defending the faith.

Please let us know if you ever have a need for a summer intern, conference/weekend helper, friendly shadow or any other place Austin could plug in. He would be thrilled.

Gratefully in Christ,

— Doug

Hey Dr. Craig,

I’m a huge fan of your work. I listen to your weekly podcasts, have watched many of your debates, and check out the Reasonable Faith website often. It’s awesome seeing God use you and the Reasonable Faith Ministry in such tremendous ways, and help empower Christians all around the world, including myself.

I have recently graduated Christian College and have been serving as youth pastor at a church in New Jersey for two and a half years. Listening to Reasonable Faith has equipped me to better answer questions the youth have, and also has positively influenced the way in which I present the Gospel. Recently, a student was questioning me on what evidences there were for Jesus’ resurrection — and I knew exactly what to say! A few years ago, I would not have had much of an answer for him.

This is only one of many examples of how your ministry has impacted me. Just wanted to send this as a message of encouragement for you.

Thanks for all you do, and keep it up!

— Matt