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Title: my debate with Jamin Hubner on the existence of God
Post by: hatsoff on January 16, 2011, 09:29:54 am
This past Thursday, 2011 Jan 13, I debated the Calvinist apologist Jamin Hubner, who according to his web page is the professor of theology at Jesus Bible Institute in Rapid City, SD, on the existence of God.  You can listen to that debate online here, and read a transcript here.  The debate was held over Skype, with moderator Joshua Whipps.  Jamin is involved with Prof. James White's Alpha and Omega Ministries, though I do not know in what capacity (except that he blogs on their website). He's a presuppositionalist apologist, and has authored/edited at least three books on that subject in the past few years.

The debate went rather well, I think, for showing some key problems with presuppositionalism. Jamin's case for the existence of God was predictably vague, and the lengthy cross-examination periods allowed me to make that plain to the audience. On the other hand, I can hardly claim to have performed perfectly! Although I answered all of his central points, I did not always do so clearly, for instance when I implied but failed to explicitly state that what makes a judgment objective is its dependence on a standard, and not merely on a specific type of standard (e.g. a divine standard).

Even so, I think I successfully communicated my objections to Jamin's case. He had neglected to actually present any explicit argument for the existence of God, despite thinking himself to have done so. Instead---and just as I had predicted---he made a series of bold claims about the existence of God, to the effect that God explains all that we observe and experience, when nothing else can ever hope to do so...

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