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Title: WLC states that trinity not required to be saved in new video...
Post by: Aaron Massey on February 09, 2020, 07:13:51 am
So WLC has a new video on youtube about Trinity being essential.  But i feel he contradicts himself.

Firstly, I was kind of surprised to hear him state that Unitarians can be saved...  but before i get to that, i was disappointed that he defined 2 groups as either untarian or Trinitarian... contrast Christians between Jews and Muslims... which i think is unfair for Christians who are not unitarian.

The third way is simply "Non trinitarian" Christians, These are christians who make no claims on the make up of God.

While he conceded that Unitarian christians could be saved..  well he didn't really, he made a smoke screen that those who believe in christ in church in the way he does, but are not up to speed on the doctrine of trinity can be saved... ie: they believe all the essential elements with out being consciously aware of the doctrine itself.
He never really said unitarians can be saved, i found that kind of deceptive.
He then continues on in a fashion that made it seem like it was near impossible to accept jesus without being a trinitarian.

This video is very poor, never really tackled the issue.  What do you think?

Title: Re: WLC states that trinity not required to be saved in new video...
Post by: jayceeii on February 09, 2020, 08:15:56 am
I think the question would resolve to whether anyone can think MEANINFULLY about God being in one part or three parts, when the human mind is completely limited to physical analogies and there has been no attempt in history to give anything more than a hand-waving and vague description of the Trinity. Further, if God is in three parts or one part, the Christians are also failing to think of God as above them in knowledge. Their God-concept is of something like a man like themselves, but with more power. So without a right God-concept to begin with, asking about the Trinity is a moot point.

Craig’s point about it being impossible to accept Jesus without accepting the Trinity, requires there to be admission of a MECHANISM for stating that “Jesus is Lord.” Yet the usual Christian mind requires no such mechanism, because they are actually thinking about another man like themselves, not that Jesus was literally God, their liturgy not really “sinking in,” as their main purpose is to gather with others who look like they’re going someplace. Another step is required WLC has not noticed, which is that if you accept that God took on the body of Jesus through a real mechanism, He could certainly do this again, in fact if this is a power of God’s it is nearly certain He’d exercise the power regularly.