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Geez. I can't browse a single thread on here without running into needless hostility.

ETI is in the news currently because of wikileaks, so I'm just curious people's thoughts.

Also up for discussion:

How would proof of extraterrestrial intelligence affect your worldview?
Do you believe extraterrestrial intelligence exists?
If so, do you think we will ever know for certain?

I think chances are there is life on other planets. ...

Why? I'm not comfortable making the same assumption about the probability of life arising on other planets. For all I know, the probability is so low that the fact we exist is incredible. In that case, I would be inclined to believe there are no aliens, and indeed, that there should be no us.

Community Testimonies / Re: testimony with a twist.
« on: August 12, 2016, 11:02:41 pm »
You did see the part where I said "7 years latter".  If the god of the Bible had not revealed himself by that time then it was unlikely to do so at any other time.

The Bible instructs to love God unconditionally, just as he loves unconditionally. It is clear that you did/do not love God unconditionally. I do not recall a passage in scripture that reads, "Do this for 7 years and you'll have collected enough Spiritual Coins to purchase what you're looking for."

I fail to see how after doing as the bible instructed that I did not put forth the effort to know God.

I fail to see how you, "did as the bible instructed." The Bible does not instruct abandoning God. It instructs you to give him your all, which you clearly did not, and yet you were surprised to find nothing?

You hear all the testimony here about some great turning point due to acceptance of God.  You would not disagree with them would you?  Would you say that if someone felt the exact same thing while pursuing some other faith that it was false?

If you have what I have, then I have no choice but to give you my congratulations, and be joyful for you.

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