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Choose Your Own Topic / Jesus Christ
« on: January 25, 2017, 08:49:36 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen
Have you ever thought where the name Jesus comes from; its a composite of Jupiter and Zeus.......
This shows it comes from Greeco Roman Mythology.
After the Renaissance the name used was Iesus. See the 1611 KJV.
The letter i was used as vowel and consonant. The letter J came into use to operate as the consonant for the i. Therefore the name "Jesus" is only at most 3 to 4 hundred years in use at most. In fact it was introduced into the English alphabet in the 17th Century. This has other implications for words beginning with J. For example Jerusalem, Jacob, James, Jericho. Clearly the Bible is only a  European interpretation of Christianity.
When and where do we learn that "Jesus" became the Christ.
The Christ is the anointed one, which can only be performed by an individual with status and recognition, like an equivalent Bishop. We do not learn this from the Gospels.

Ladies and Gentlemen
God is an idea that needs human spirituality to keep it alive......
Without your "belief" God cannot exist.
We no longer believe in Zeus, Jupiter, Osiris, Bal, Jehovah, Thor the list is endless. God is a concept that is only in your mind. No where else.
Let me just say if there was a God and Goddess we would have no doubt the people all over this world would be humbled and in awe. We do not see this. Sadly we see Armageddonists  convinced that the end is near and vindication is soon to prevail, with the reward of eternal life for the believer. There is NO PROOF. This life is all we have.
As humans we only have each other and when we have a problem we go to our fellow humans to help resolve them.

Community Testimonies / Re: Might as well share my story
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:53:44 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
We really have no proof of the existence of God. Only words.
I would propose a God and Goddess of equal status and magnificence. They have not revealed themselves to us. In all honesty, if they were to show their existence, then all humanity in the world would know about it, there would be no doubt and be humbled. We would not be having endless debates on the subject. As for the Jesus Christ legend there isn't even proof of his existence.

Choose Your Own Topic / Re: The Bible
« on: January 12, 2017, 09:51:30 pm »
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
Thank you for your replies. Let me just quote "The Bible was written in the first Century". This is a massive claim. Are you referring to to the fake papyrus manuscripts. That are indecipherable. There is not a single piece that contains the name "Jesus". In fact the name "Jesus" is a composite of Jupiter and Zeus. This shows the Roman Greek influence there. Let me proceed to the claim.
The only people with an alphabet and writing system in the first century was the ancient Egyptians. Their civilisation stretched back at least 9000 years. Europeans at that time were illiterate.
Lets consider logically what it takes to achieve a writing system.
Stability in a given geographical location. A strong sense of community and harmony with the environment. A social hierarchy that ensures that resources are shared fairly between its members. There is a requirement  for institutions, a documentation process of recording, distributing and managing the resources that are brought in or created by the community. The community should be "reasonably" self sufficient. Trading with other nearby communities. Exchanging resources information and skill. Now with this in place a recording system begins to evolve using symbols attached to a spoken word. Sentences develop. Documentation systems develop. All members of the community are valued, ESPECIALLY WOMEN. When women are valued, that is, part of the decision making process and in positions or authority, then young children also benefit and the social, spiritual and cultural values advance. Further and very importantly there must not be an external hostile threat upon the community of any significant magnitude, like another tribe, otherwise resources have to be deflected to withstand and oppose the threat in order to survive. In fact a feature of the community is that it welcomes and integrates people who wish to join it. There must not be internal strife or conflict, this also disrupts the harmony in the community.

This is a basic requirement to enable a community to be civilised. Let me repeat stability in location is an important requirement.
In conclusion I do not see how a group of goat and cattle herding nomads with none of the characteristics discussed above can produce a "writing system", that has value and meaning.
Please explain.
Thank you for reading this.

Choose Your Own Topic / Re: The Bible
« on: January 12, 2017, 10:01:13 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
Firstly let me thank each of you for your varied and interesting replies. I am grateful for the feed back.
As I read through parts of the Bible I realised I was not reading History. The Bible does not read like a history book. Its a wonderful piece of literature that has been literalised with a political agenda.
The political agenda of the Zionists to literalise the Bible resulted in real estate for the proponents.
Lets begin with Thoedore Herzel a political Zionist and Nathan Birmbaum a social Zionist. Beginning in the 19th Century and into the 20th Century these individuals were responsible for an awakening of Jewish conscience and a need to return to the promised land from exile. After the WW1 the British had a mandate to create new land boundaries. Irak, Jordan and Kuwait was created. Syria and Lebanon was also created. Saudi Arabia had to be reduced in the eyes of the Europeans. Palestine was also divided between the Arabs and the Jews. But this was insufficient for the Jews and later they extended their land area illegally to the boundary that we see now.
Therefore the promotion and literalisation by Zionists, Capitalists of the Bible resulted in the illegal state of Israel.
Please seek out Shlomo Sands "The Invention of the Jewish People" a Jewish Historian in Israel. Also see S David Spurling "The Original Torah" working in New York as a lecturer. He claims that the OT is simply stories with a political understanding. They also assert that Moses and the 10 plaques have very little historical value and the Exodus has no historical evidence.
Thank you for reading this.

Community Debates Forum / The Bible
« on: January 12, 2017, 04:43:30 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
The Bible is a Political Document constructed and formulated by people who had a particular agenda in their time and place. My point is that if our Creator wanted to reveal himself or herself, there would be no doubt there would be no confusion. Everyone would be in wonder and amazement. I will extend that to all Religions and alleged Prophets. I can expand as the discussion proceeds.

Community Testimonies / Re: My Journey To Theism
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:11:55 pm »
Ladies and Gentleman
Atheism is an absence of evidence that a God exists.
There is not a single shred of evidence that a man called "Jesus the Christ" walked the planet in the early first century. Firstly you have to invent another name because there was no such name used in the first century. In fact the name  "Jesus" is a composite.
Consider Jupitar and Zeus and now you see where Jesus comes from.
Pre Renaissance period that's pre 15th Century, 95% or more of Europeans where unable to read or write. Yes our ancestors have only been documenting their history for the past 600 years. 
The alleged life of "Jesus" as written in the New Testament is questionable. Because people could not read or write. Therefore who is the audience. In that period people were too concerned with finding food, clothing and shelter they were not concerned with any religious system.
Do your research.
I await comments.
Thank you.

Hello John
I am inclined to agree, the STORIES regarding a resurrection are more imagination than anything else.
Can anyone on this site PROVE the EXISTENCE of a "Jesus the Christ"
If anyone could they would have won a prize by now, it would be sensational news.
Lets just make a few points, the name Jesus is clearly a composite, from Jupiter and Zeus. In fact you cannot put the name "Jesus" into a time period before the 17th Century. Why? Because the letter J did not enter the English alphabet before that time. If you check out the 1611 KJV the there is no "J".
Therefore no Jerusalem, no Josephus, no Jericho, no Jews in fact any word with the letter J has to be replaced with the letter I.
Further, the only people with an alphabet in ancient times was the Egyptians. During antiquity the Romans and the Greeks were illiterate. Therefore they did not write a history of themselves. Hebrewism is a derivative of Greek. You can download Joseph Yahuda book of the title "Hebrew is Greek" as a pdf and read for yourself.
I look forward to your responses Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Dr WLC is very selective in the information that he uses to convince people of the evidence of the resurrection.
The comments by the person above are legitimate. WLC is in a community of Christian Apologists who already believe in the storiesin the Bible, who also believe in God.
The contradictions in the account of the resurrection make the story implausible. Let me just bring a few for thought.
1 In the letters of Paul he does not mention the Virgin birth, the miracles, the parables. Lazarus, the passion, does not use the word disciples or Jesus of Nazareth. Paul only mentions that Jesus died was buried and raised, but we don't know where this took place.
2 In "Mark" the woman went away because they were bewildered and afraid and said nothing to no one. No resurrection. So how did anyone even know what happened.
3 Then there is the problem of "Joseph of Arimathea", where does he suddenly appear from? We know nothing about him.
This is clearly a fictional story and if anyone can provide scholarly evidence then please reveal.
Thank you.

Community Debates Forum / Re: If God Is Good, What Is Evil?
« on: January 05, 2017, 06:58:04 am »
hello Orion
You make a lot of assumptions about God, which is a male deity. You say that you were an atheist and then became a Christian. That is your prerogative. You talk about a "relationship" with God. What does that mean, really, pause and think about that.
As humans we have "relationships" with one another, in different ways. Attraction, Love, Friendship, companionship are some of the ways. As a humans we make assessment of the people that come into our lives through their body language, culture, language and sadly by their Skin Colour. We are carry out own prejudices and biases, both knowingly and unknowingly.  The first medium of exchange between two or more humans about to meet is eye contact. These are the characteristics that we possess and have evolved.
My question to you again is what do you mean by a relationship with God. Many people simply do not understand this concept. Some people will try to animate it in their minds but that is it. Further, there is no evidence that a God exists.
Historically there have been many many Gods created in the minds of humans. Through time and education nearly all have now been dismissed. To our ancient ancestors a concept of God is quite different from the one that WLC describes. In fact he has had to redefine God as new scientific, cultural, educational and technical information has been learned. We don't know if that is correct.

Community Testimonies / Re: A testimony from Saudi Arabia
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:16:21 am »
Hello Sal Jib
The Koran is not as old as you think. It is in fact a 20th Century document. Historically I believe you are referring to "Mohammedanism" which was a doctrine formulated by Iban Al Arabi 1165 to 1240. He began this doctrine, which spread by his disciples across Arabia and the surrounding environments.
When the Ottoman Turks began usurping the Byzantine Empire in 14th Century, there motto was "Mohammad" or "die" to whoever they confronted. They adopted Mohammedanism because they wanted control of this doctrine. There was no such thing as Islam until the 20th Century. There is a great deal of false information in history.
You are correct to notice the similarities between the Bible and the Koran. In fact the Koran is simply a rewrite of the Christian Bible with the Pentateuch, the 5 books of Moses, the book of Psalms and interspersed with the New Testament, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.
My question is who really wrote the Koran.....?

Community Testimonies / Re: Testimony
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:49:25 am »
That was a really long Testimony.
My question to you is, How do you know it wasn't Allah or Zeus or Yahweh or just your brain going into raised order of conscience, that made those signs........?

Choose Your Own Topic / The Bible
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:33:12 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
I am new to Christianity, in fact I have been studying the subject of Theology for the past 8 months. I began to read the Bible (NIV) and 1611 King James, I very quickly became disillusioned with the ideology, tone and content. I switched from OT and NT seeking renewed enthusiasm and inspiration. My skepticism and doubt would not diminish. The level of beliefrequired was beyond logic and resason. The claims made in the Bible were simply that, a claim, a story and my concern turned to the many young minds that are brought into Christianity and indeed other religions with that indoctrination.
I await comments.
Thank you.
I can now conclude that as a result I am an atheist.

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