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 I have well respected Dr. Craig over the years and through him I took the moral argument very seriously - to the point that now I see clearly that it refutes some of what he believes.

On Dr. Craig's position of Molinism, God actualises the world which is most "feasible" and "desirable" for Him to actualize. And thus …. God brings "specific people" into existence that He knows for certain will end up in everlasting separation from Himself. Moreover, these "specific people" go on sinning for all of eternity future in their rebellion against God.

So, what we have on Dr. Craig's position, is that God willingly brings eternal sinners into existence.

How is God being morally good TO each of those specific people that He willingly brings into existence ( and who will sin for all of eternity future ) ?


Dr. Craig's position clashes with the Ontological Argument because in the Ontological Argument God is morally perfect.

If God is not 'ultimately' [ eternally ] morally good to each and every person that He Willingly brings into existence, then God is NOT morally perfect. To say that He is ( under these circumstances ) is just to play semantics.


There are only two positions that 'appear' to be morally best for man.

1. There is No God and all life ends at the grave.

This eliminates moral accountability for anything anyone does in this life. There would No judgement and No everlasting sinners separated from God.

Or …

2. There is an eventual reconciliation between each person and God in the ages to come ( after this life ). This would be Universalism.

Molinism, Calvinism, Arminianism, Open Theism, Everlasting Conscious Torment, Annihilationism / Conditionalism are ALL morally flawed theologies and doctrines.


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