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Nature of God / Omnipotence vs Omnibenevolence
« on: November 02, 2015, 08:48:56 pm »
The current Q&A:

"Rather omnipotence should be defined in terms of ability to actualize states of affairs. Under this conception, your question then becomes whether omnipotence entails the ability to actualize the state of affairs God’s doing an evil act.

Obviously, because of God’s essential goodness such a state of affairs is broadly logically impossible."

And that means that omnibenevolence and omnipotence conflict. If a non-omnibenevolent omnipotent agent can bring about Y, then Y isn't impossible. Yet, If an omnibenevolent agent can't do X, that's not an impossibility of X. That's just a conflict between omnibenevolence and omnipotence.

If we broaden the usage of impossibility of X to mean that X is impossible iff agent Y cannot bring about X, then literally everyone is omnipotent. Anything they can't bring about is just impossible.

Eternity / wrong board
« on: November 02, 2015, 08:47:31 pm »

It's actually pretty obvious if you make a branching tree diagram. Every explanandum has an explanans. Either those explanans are themselves explanada in which case they have their own explanans, or they're not. If they are explananda, then their explanans either are explananda or not. Etc. We have an explanatory chain.

So, the chain either terminates or it doesn't. If the chain doesn't terminate, then we have a network of contingent facts explaining each other. In that case, LCA fails.

If it does, it either terminates in all necessary facts or it terminates in a set of explanans one of which is a brute fact.

If the latter, then PSR is false and thus LCA fails.

If the terminal set of explanas is composed of only necessary facts, then all facts are necessary facts. This implies modal collapse.

So, could you have done anything differently in your life? If so, LCA fails.

Kalam Cosmological Argument / What is a beginning?
« on: October 28, 2015, 05:38:57 pm »
In what sense can it accurately be said that the universe began to exist that does not apply equally accurately to God?

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