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Choose Your Own Topic / Jesus Christ
« on: January 25, 2017, 08:49:36 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen
Have you ever thought where the name Jesus comes from; its a composite of Jupiter and Zeus.......
This shows it comes from Greeco Roman Mythology.
After the Renaissance the name used was Iesus. See the 1611 KJV.
The letter i was used as vowel and consonant. The letter J came into use to operate as the consonant for the i. Therefore the name "Jesus" is only at most 3 to 4 hundred years in use at most. In fact it was introduced into the English alphabet in the 17th Century. This has other implications for words beginning with J. For example Jerusalem, Jacob, James, Jericho. Clearly the Bible is only a  European interpretation of Christianity.
When and where do we learn that "Jesus" became the Christ.
The Christ is the anointed one, which can only be performed by an individual with status and recognition, like an equivalent Bishop. We do not learn this from the Gospels.

Community Debates Forum / The Bible
« on: January 12, 2017, 04:43:30 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
The Bible is a Political Document constructed and formulated by people who had a particular agenda in their time and place. My point is that if our Creator wanted to reveal himself or herself, there would be no doubt there would be no confusion. Everyone would be in wonder and amazement. I will extend that to all Religions and alleged Prophets. I can expand as the discussion proceeds.

Choose Your Own Topic / The Bible
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:33:12 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
I am new to Christianity, in fact I have been studying the subject of Theology for the past 8 months. I began to read the Bible (NIV) and 1611 King James, I very quickly became disillusioned with the ideology, tone and content. I switched from OT and NT seeking renewed enthusiasm and inspiration. My skepticism and doubt would not diminish. The level of beliefrequired was beyond logic and resason. The claims made in the Bible were simply that, a claim, a story and my concern turned to the many young minds that are brought into Christianity and indeed other religions with that indoctrination.
I await comments.
Thank you.
I can now conclude that as a result I am an atheist.

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