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This thread topic was motivated by my investigations into the cosmological issues in the Big Bang theory and into the optional ways of understanding God's eternity and causation as it relates to what He has created.  If the Scripture teaches, as I believe it does, that this universe will pass away ("melt with fervent heat").and be replaced by another order.  Some current research in cosmologically physics, based on effects from dark matter and dark energy, indicates that our universe is increasing in its rate of expansion such that average cooling is taking place.  Eventually (perhaps after more billions of years) the universe environment will become inhospitable for sustaining life.  My conclusion that God will create or has already created another realm where His human sons and daughters will dwell with Him throughout eternity.

My speculations have to do with the possibility that:
  1. This universe was not the "first" creation of God
  2. There is no reason to assume that the makeup of this material universe in time-space, with its forces that hold things together in agreement with Einstein's general and special theories of relative, is not the only kind of object that God might create
  3. The creation of spiritual beings such as the angels, His heavenly hosts may have occurred simultaneously (if that has meaning) with the creation of the universe.  The Scriptures are not clear on when He brought the angelic beings into existence, but I believe that there is a possibility that they existed "before" the Big Bang.
Dr. Craig believes that God may have been timeless before He created our universe, but the creative act involved causation and sequences of events such that He would at that point have become temporal.  Please excuse my naive understanding of and summary of his positions.  However, if other Divine creative events occurred, God's eternal nature might have "changed" in the same manner as that which Dr. Craig proposes and at a point not specifically related to the creation of our universe.

Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you ...".  This gets into question of where and what heaven is and, from our temporal perspective, whether it already exists or is yet to be created.  I realize that these things are strongly in the realm of speculation, but I would appreciate thoughts of others and of Dr. Craig himself, if he is inclined to become involved with these issues.

A new forum member,

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