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After listening to the Debates on Reasonable Faith, along with my Christian education, I was challenged by multiple atheists, and I was asked to watch Stephen Hawking Curiosity "Did God Create the Universe", and I felt obligated to do more than just respond in text, but I made a video. I showed that in this documentary film, Steven Hawking contradicted himself almost every time he spoke. I haven't heard anyone else bring up the fact that the masses discovered by NASA aren't infinitely dense, and don't have infinite gravity, like the black holes Steven Hawking alleges NASA has discovered. I hope God can use this to bless someone.

My Response:

Response to Stephen Hawking Curiosity "Did God Create the Universe" Documentary
Episode 1 aired 7th August 2011
Stars: Stephen Hawking, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chad A. Fehr

More information about Atheism VS Creationism

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Original Documentary Film

Justin Breithaupt is the speaker in this video:

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