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Okay so the Universe is contingent, which means it didnt have to exist.  So the fact that it does exist requires an explanation... if something didnt have to exist, but does exist, then there must be a reason.

Now this reason could be another contingent thing, i.e. the universe could have a contingent cause.  But then we would require a reason for that contingent things existence... and so on.  If we dont stop we have an infinite regress.

Some people dont think theres no problem with an infinite regress.  But even if theyre right, they cant avoid a necessary being.  This is why:  Take the sum total of all contingent things.  (If there is an infinite regress, this sum total would consist of an infinity of things).  This sum total is itself contingent, as it is made up of purely contingent things.  So given that it is contingent, what is the reason for its existence?  What is its cause?  You cant say something contingent caused it, as then this contingent this would be part of it, as it is the sum total of ALL contingent things we are dealing with.  The only alternative is that the cause is necessary - the cause has to be outside of it.

The above argument is basically a version of Ibn Sina's contingency argument.

 How does the fact that another universe could have existed prove that the universe must require a cause. Even if there were a 1000 possibilities of the universe, how does that prove that the universe requires a necessary being.

Yes I know that different possibilites means that the universe is contingent, but I dont understand how different possibilites proves the necessity of a necessary being

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