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Choose Your Own Topic / Re: Is Belief in God Reasonable?
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:23:11 am »

replace the word God in your question with Zeus or Ra to understand why.

There is not much discernable difference between the local  Greek religion of worshipping Zeus versus the local Palestinian of worshipping Yahweh other than that Zeus was said to live atop Mt. Olympus (easily disproven) and Yahweh lives outside the universe (harder to disprove). But the idea of anthropomorphic deities (magical super powered men) as the reasons for natural occurrences in the universe is a primitive bronze age concept that I find spectacularly laughable, and it is utterly mind-boggling that people could still seriously posit such hypothesis.

When someone compares monotheism to belief in Zeus, it becomes quite clear that they don't know much about philosophy of religion.

I guess I should throw out my degree in Philosophy and religious studies then...and all those professors who believed the same thing should throw out their doctorates..

In your haste to disparage me, you are of course missing the crucial points of the story..whether you want to call belief in a supreme deity Yahweh, and a bunch of lesser , but still supernatural powerful beings..the devil, Angels, etc.. monotheism..and belief in the Greek Pantheon with a supreme deity (Zeus) and a bunch of lesser deities ..Hades, makes no difference..

The point is..they are both the superstitious belief system of an uneducated primitive society (the Greeks more educatued than ancient palestine) that posits supermen as the answer to natural questions..

Anthropomorphism in all forms is NOT REASONABLE.
Well, yes. I think you and the professors should do just that.

Anthropomorphism in all forms may or may not be unreasonable, but not all conceptions are anthropomorphic. On the contrary, classical theism is radically non-anthropomorphic.

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