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Problem with realism?
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I'll assume this is relating to the topic.

I've theorized ( though not necessarily believe) that since we exist and it's logically absurd for the physical world to just have always existed, a creator exists and wants us to. Why? Assuming the commonly associated qualities of God--omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence--the only options are ones involving God necessarily having emotion ( if something realistically has no reason to exist, but something with the power to make it exist wants it to and does, that thing necessarily has emotion. Action itself denotes emotion provoking it somewhere along the line.) Also, assuming God acts rationally in accordance to "His" omniscience-induced, restrained emotions, God must also have some power applying logic in "His" decisions.

But, wait, if God is under restraints and is applying something that "His" omniscience and omnipotence doesn't, that implies those things are at least as foundational as God is, with the restraints of these things placing themselves theoretically higher/ more foundational than God. What are these things? Logic and emotion, obviously.
(If God doesn't make illogical decisions according to "His" omniscience because God can't, God is necessarily under the restraints of it--implied by "can't". Therefore, logic is one of these things.)

(Because the only reason for God to act with some sort of purpose is to satisfy what emotions "He" has, assuming a dormant God of this nature is self-sufficient, emotion must necessarily exist at least as foundational as God; if God were to create emotion, it would require emotion to want it in the first place, and if God were to acquire it somehow, it would be implied that this [omniscient, omnipotent]God can't create it, making it greater than God.)

And since (omniscience+omnipotence) possessed by a ( logical+emotional) being is enough to justify everything we see, in a general sense, what reason is there to believe otherwise, if all four proposed qualities are true of God?
But I then have to realize why we believe "God" to be a being of some sort. There's nothing specifying( in observable reality) a "conscious being" is the driving and guiding force behind our existence. So what is God? I propose a "theoretical nutshell" idea of God, one whose essence is not a being, but rather an all-knowing, all-powerful idea whose property is ( logic+emotion), existing/ embedded in the world. I then propose that this world is actually potential itself( I actually incorrectly picture a blank, white world as it's original state, with some unradiant force inside it as the controller), with the deterministic quality of the world denoting logical essence, and the exact details of the world denoting emotions not too dissimilar from our own. In then means that this world is a logical, emotional causation out of potential--which does fit in nicely with a creator creating something in nowhere--which suggests a one-with-the-world God.



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Problem with realism?
« Reply #31 on: March 27, 2008, 10:06:29 am »
This may be a bit off topic for a reply, but it's interesting nonetheless: