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Re: Why are we here?
« Reply #15 on: February 25, 2020, 09:50:52 am »
I have followed various answers to the Problem of Evil, and have found them convincing to various degrees, but one nagging question remains in the back of my mind.  Why are we here at all?  Why did God create this universe and place us in it, instead of creating us directly into heaven, as he apparently did with the angels?  I have heard the argument that we are placed here to exercise our free will, but apparently the angels have free will as well (e.g. satan's rebellion).  So why did God place us here to suffer natural disasters, illness, and death, when his angelic creations apparently aren't faced with this sufferring?  Any thoughts?
The question appears to be, “We are we here to suffer?” One notices the animals do not moan and complain about their existence thus, therefore there is a direct implication humans are this way because they lack sufficient power to fill the human body well. Animals are generally enjoying themselves, humans not so, a difference being animals have few social demands, i.e. they aren’t asked to confront one another in intellectual ways. Apparently generating a harmonious society is a ways beyond human capacities.

Why isn’t anyone noticing it would be ludicrous for an angel to rebel, that for an angel to rebel would mean stripping out his or her intelligence and power? Humans have not established the link between full rationality and goodness, only able to think about selfish plots involving pretending to be good, not that goodness is a natural consequence of wisdom. People are not thinking about or longing to be angels, imagining these angels would have their same properties. The idea of Satan rebelling is quite in parallel with Apollo and Athena quarreling. Humans do not see gentleness is the first fruit of power.

Illness may be unavoidable, but most people are not sick most of the time so fixating on this as an excuse to complain about life in general reveals a weak, cantankerous nature, unable to rejoice in the human body properly. Men seem to be chased by a basic misery, justifying the Christian description of themselves as “miserable sinners.” Wiser people could plan and build for natural disasters, where humans regard a few decades as long enough for a home to endure, especially as it can be put up cheaply and with little effort.