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Re: A Problem with Craig's Take on Jesus' Knowledge
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2018, 11:13:24 am »
It should be obvious to anyone that to experience omniscience in a human body would be entirely crippling. The Incarnation is given small bits of the knowledge of the Invisible God, whatever is fitting for the moment, which can be surprisingly little. Furthermore with all that knowledge no enjoyment of embodied life would be possible for the Lord.

Interestingly, where you admit omnipotence does not mean all conceivable powers, if you want to look around for an embodied God who has all the conscious knowledge of God, there might not be anyone like that in the universe. We’re given the Incarnation, such as this is, who as I’ve related is meant to enjoy His embodiment, and make a few comments.

What may help here is to remember that Jesus if of one being with the Father, meaning that the Incarnation is accomplished with a small fragment of the Being of the Creator. The connection is literal and real, meaning the appropriate knowledge can be funneled into the Incarnation at any time. However this is generally not intended to please humans.

The same argument goes for “the Spirit.” That is to say, the Holy Spirit is also of one being with the Father and the Son. As such, the Father can pass in the relevant knowledge when desired or necessary. It’s good to establish the main “body” of God as the Source of all the knowledge. The “organs” by which He works on Earth, are all subsidiary to this.