Hey everyone, I was wanting to discuss about what Christians have to look forward to specifically as far as not only after their deaths but during and after all the end time events go on. From what I've seen there is a ton of confusion as far as what is going to happen in what order. I'm going to give you all a few lists, some coming from what I've learned in church before my "apologetics days" and lists that I've heard and taken into account during these last few years of studying apologetics and theology.

Ok now then, when I was much smaller while listening in church the pastor appeared to give this kind of run down for the Christian's future...

1. Current age (people are being born and dying, living out their lives and either accepting or rejecting the gospel as well as hearing or not hearing the gospel)

2. The "rapture" of the church/ all dead believers are either made alive again and awaken from the sleep of death or just their bodies/or remains rise upward to be "connected" again with their souls which are in heaven/temporal heaven/Abraham's bosom as well as the Christians who are alive at this time will rise upward or will just disappear and have their physical bodies changed and meet up with the previously dead believers or the bodies of the dead believers.

3. The antichrist comes to power to govern the people remaining on the earth, claims to be God and sits up a one world government and religion.

4. Some countries, and groups of people (along with Israel) rebels and go against the Antichrist and Armageddon breaks out

5. God along with all of the believers and angels accompanying Him show up in the sky and defeat the antichrist and his followers and God locks Satan up in a supernatural hellish dungeon for the millennial reign.

6. The millennial reign of Christ begins where God rules on the earth in Jerusalem with his followers for a thousand years (during this time new people are born and some even die but not near as much as previous, also people are still given the choice to either accept or reject Christ).

7. After the thousand years Satan comes back trying one last time to mess up God's plans and take some more people away from God's fold and then God takes Satan and throws him into the pits of hell along with all of the lost people where they stay there for eternity.

8. Finally the new heavens and new earth are fully finished and God and all of his followers embark on enjoying eternity, each other, and doing wonderful "fun projects" or who knows what for all eternity and we all either live in heaven only, the new earth only or we can pick and choose or go back and forth?????

*somewhere between numbers 2 and 8 believers are given the rewards for faithful service, persecution,living a virtuous life and so on) and I guess around numbers 7 and 8 the lost are given what amount of eternal punishment they will endure before living it out in hell*

Now this is what I took to be the most true and biblical model before I dove deeper into apologetics and more specifically theology.

Since then, from becoming aware of views like amillennial, premillennial, as well as the lack of data supporting the idea of the rapture along with the more deeper thing I'm currently struggling with (that being deciding between the views of substance dualism and non reductive physicalism regarding the human soul) because if non reductive physicalism holds to be true which I've recently seen some rather compelling material from a biblical standpoint in which if the ancient Hebrew works out just right, the ancient word for soul just simply ment human or person (which means we do not have souls but are a soul).

Thus if this view is right then that could shake of the whole list but thankfully salvages our hopes for an afterlife.

As far as I can tell from that view if combined with preterism or partial preterism the list would look something like this

1. World events go on as normal

2. Something causes all humanity to go extict

3. God then resurrects all of the living

4. God then judges the wicked sends them to hell

5. God rewards the believers and they either dewell with God in heaven or God recrates the earth and they along with God dwell on the earth for eternity.

Out of these lists which one appears to have the most biblical evidence for?

Any help I can get on sorting out this confusion will be greatly appreciated.