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Apologetic Defenses of Bible Pagan Myth Parallels
« on: September 27, 2011, 02:07:11 am »
Recently, I've been reading quite a bit on historical apologetics and found much compelling evidence and argumentation for the reliability of the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus as well as many other issues pertaining to Christian belief. However, an issue that used to cause me a fair bit of trouble in the way of faith has been brought to my attention again. The issue that I'm speaking of is the seeming parallels between Christianity and pagan religions. While I've been able to find a small amount of apologetics material relevant to this area of trouble, I can't say that I've found any outstanding work besides the Gospel and the Greeks and various writings within the works of Gary Habermas.

I came to ask if any of you all happen to know of some good apologetics books/online resources that deliver sound defenses against the pagan parallel attacks on both the Old and New Testament. I've heard enough good defenses to know that the parallels don't provide nearly as much as a threat to Christian theism as they seem to at first, but I would like to find some resources that would give me a deeper look into the topic and help me develop strong defenses against these objections which are quite common among the skeptics that I've met.

Thanks a lot, R.F. I really enjoy this forum and the brilliant work of Dr. Craig.