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Counsel him about what?

For one:

Scientific proof with man made equipment, has shown a light known as an aura. This aura surrounds the creature in the form of that creature.

For another:

Also proven by science, is unknown lose of weight at the moment of death. Slight as it may be, it is readable by man made equipment. Science has no theory as to what that is. I personally believe, it is the exit of the Holyghost and the Soul.

Unless you're proselytizing to someone in the supermarket reading the National Enquirer this is not going to win you any converts.  Just seems weird to use phases like "proven by science" to make that case that "science has no theory as to what that is".
Whateverist, you may want to fix the inaccurate attributions in the above post.


The second two quotes come from rogerdalefaulk, the first is from Lion.  Unfortunate but I have no idea how to import two people's quotes in the same response.



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I watched the debate just the other day and was totally taken aback by Klaus's behaviour.  At the end he says something like 'I won't attack you this time' , showing that he was attacking Dr. Craig.

Other aetheists, or shall I say anti-God persons seem to be the same. There is no need for insults and personal attacks.  Aren't there better quality Aethiests around, or did  they use an easy target? I was very impressed by Dr. Craig, and I learned a lot about patience just by watching him. After all he has a reputation to defend.

Both Dr. Klaus and Dr. Craig should assume that if in  the end it comes down to personal belief, then no amount of talking or shouting is going to change their beliefs. There are a l ot of inconsistencies in Dr. Klauses position as well, and I think word needs to go out to not take these Atheists seriously.

Betrand Russel, however was, although again somewhat mocking of Christianity, better in his approach.

Thanks for starting the thread, at least I'm not alone in my opinion.



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Agree. Very obtuse and rude. It is a credit to Dr. Craig that he kept his cool.



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Re: Why does Krauss act like such an @£$-hole? 'Has science buried God?' debate
« Reply #33 on: September 09, 2019, 06:16:56 pm »
I just viewed the Craig and Kraus Australian debate series, and was shocked at the rudeness and unprofessionalism of Dr. Kraus.

More than anything, his performance showcased the incredible grace and character of Bill Craig.

So Kraus in reality harmed his own case and bolstered Dr. Craig's.