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Re: Can a Person who is Born-Again Lose Salvation?
« Reply #30 on: March 11, 2020, 08:00:42 am »
The Bible teaches that God elected individuals to salvation based on nothing other than His sovereign decision (Romans 9:15-16, Ephesians 2:8-9). A person is not saved by his works. That's a gospel that cannot save.

Someone who is truly saved cannot lose his salvation because God, and God only, is in charge of salvation. Read John 6:37 and 6:44 (and many other verses). And, by nature, no person wants God's salvation plan. Everyone tries to work their way into Heaven unless and until God truly saves them, at which point the person becomes born again and rests in Christ (stops working for their salvation; Hebrews 4:10).
This is indeed the “magic formula” that has driven the Christian religion for 2000 years, and many the humans who have found a surface repentance through this formula, though none the humans who have found a deep repentance. It’s basically a formula for falling asleep, after the Buddha insisted it was man’s role to awaken. The Christians cannot be unseated, because their minds are closed and self-centered, beyond the reach of rational argumentation. Jesus asked the shepherds to help Him, and the corral they built is sturdy.

Nonetheless this grand façade is full of awful cracks, and must tumble eventually with a maturing race. The first crack I’d emphasize here, is that the “born again” experience is extremely ill-defined, with no one checking to be sure God (perhaps as Jesus) will agree that the experience has been genuine. If a man thinks he has been born again, but God says he has not been born again, then the man is not fit for Heaven as he vainly imagines. Christians make no attempt to bring Heaven to Earth, admitting they don’t want Heaven.

The second crack I’d emphasize is that there is no possibility of disentangling this formula from a cavalier and destructive attitude to the globe, regarding the planet as disposable, sure that God has something better. If Earth is God’s best thing Christians are disappointed, and not interested in God or Heaven any more. Minds that accept this formula unquestioningly have a cartoonish view of the world, ignoring its resource limitations. They’d destroy Heaven, or any planet, never satisfied whatever they’re given.

The hypothesis Christians would be happy in Heaven is disproved because they are not happy on Earth. The reasons they list for dissatisfaction amount to little more than whining, since it is a splendid globe with magnificent bodies. True citizens of Heaven would already be trying to make Earth a heavenly place. The society could have been arranged as Christians muse would give them satisfaction, with all things at their disposal without needing money. They don’t arrange it this way, to keep an edge on the neighbor.

In short, the Bible has been an excuse for man to simply follow his instincts while ignoring consequences to the planet God made and sustains, opposing the power of the Creator with an almost equally matched destructive power. It will eventually be called infernal, by those who wish to preserve the Earth. Human civilization has been like a high speed commuter train, and God hasn’t stood in the way of human self-will in the religions. Highly displeasing to God, men build their house on the sand of false promises.