Indulgences; moral or immoral? How much for a rape Pope Francis?

Martin Luther at least had the good sense to know that the church could not honestly believe that they could bargain away consequences imposed by God, ---- or bribe God’s justice, ---- with indulgences.

He recognized how completely immoral and flagrant such lies from the church were and chose to break from that immorality and outright theft.

Strange that the Catholics of today just keep buying the lies without a peep and secular governments, ---- that are supposed to care for their constituents, ---- all ignore this crime against the gullible.

Seems that Catholic morals are no better than Protestant Christians when it comes to bargaining in God’s name, --- and bribing his justice. Not to mention secular law that has abandoned their most vulnerable charges.

Shame on the R. C. C. and all Christians for allowing such a flim-flam man to lead the Catholic and Christian world.

Shame on governments for ignoring this flagrant crime.

 In the days of old, I could buy my way out of a crime.  Rape for instance, for a given price.

How much would I need to pay the Pope to have him bribe God’s justice today?

Now I know that the Pope would never give a price but there definitely was a price back when.

I would suggest $ 5,000.00 per rape.

Do you think that too high or too low?

Are you getting the idea I am trying to give you yet?

God’s justice for sale folks. Buy your bribes ASAP before they run out.

Send all requests and funds to the Vatican, --- in care of Satan.

Indulgences; moral or immoral?