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My perspective on the moral argument (youtube video)
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:03:00 am »
Hello to all,

I seen Graig using the moral argument a fair number of times now and I'm interested in what you guys think of my perspective on this case.

I agree with Graig that without a superhuman being that tells you this is always good and this is always evil you can not have 100% objective morality. I think however that you can come very close with democracy.

With democracy people can vote for people that share their morals. We can make a justice systems were we imprison people with morals that hurt our society. If 99,9999% think murdering children is not okay that is enough to put the 0,00001% behind bars. It's still only 99,9999% of the people that thinks this is bad.

One of the problems I have with the video is that it creates the illusion that without objective morality their are only individual opinions. This ignores the fact that we can have a strong group morality. If most people of a certain country think something is good then it's allowed if not then it's banned. This system does in my opinion not need a god.

In these extreme 99,999% cases I often say it is good or it is bad. For me human moral is decided by humans. Child abuse, racial murder, slavery. These are all bad in our current society because almost all of us things these things are bad. Slavery was okay back in the day of Jesus because many people didn't see it as wrong and their was very little democracy. The same goes for sex with 12-18 year old's as a 30 year old wasn't a big deal either.

I think that in Europe and the USA laws are made by the subjective morality of its people. We think stealing is wrong but we don't cut of the hand of that person because the hand sinned. This is because the majority of the people think that cutting of a person's hand is a bad thing to do. The same goes for slavery.

You see this morale also among Christians. Though the moral of the bible clearly prevents women from speaking in church many churches allow it because there people think it's good to hear the opinions of women.