Was Satan created in God’s image or is she God?
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Was Satan created in God’s image or is she God?

God would have been the only form in the universe and since we are created in his image then it seems logical that all entities that God created would have his form or image.

Vatican art depicts Satan as a female and depicts God as a male. Here we see man placing un-warranted blame on women. As usual.

The first commandment says that we are not to place anyone above God for anything. God is to be the epitome of all attributes including good and evil.

This makes sense from the POV of looking at God as being alone in the beginning, before he began to create. All good and evils have to have come from God’s essence. There can be no other source.

If good and evil are then equal in power, it follows that God and Satan are also equal.

That would explain how in Job 3;2, God complains that Satan moved him to do evil by destroying without just cause.

It would also explain how in the story of King David, God could be so vile as to torture King David’s baby for 6 days before finally murdering it. Only a Satanic God could do such a thing. Right?
Is that also why God denies us justice by not imposing his sentence on Satan and putting her in hell?

Is Satan as powerful as God and is that why God seems to be rewarding Satan with dominion over us and the power to deceive us all?