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is atheism a belief system?

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Re: is atheism a belief system?
« Reply #120 on: March 09, 2020, 09:08:58 am »
I do not see that we, inside the universe / everything, necessarily should be equipped to understand the universe --  there just might not be any full explanation that any human could state, less comprehend. A very poor analogue would be that I cannot explain the existence of a book to the characters in it.

In math there exists true statements that cannot be be proven true within any consistent axiomatic setup (Gödel).

So maybe the sentence "creation of the universe" is just not valid, since these are words created by mankind to describe stuff and relations inside the universe.
The real trouble is in understanding “what-is,” that invalidates asking what existed before “what-is.” All minds do not think alike, and minds hunched over the material realm think only in crude physical analogies. For instance, a man wondering, “How was the universe created?” may secretly be wondering how his breakfast of eggs and croissants happened to appear on his plate, guessing vaguely it had something to do with a cook. Mankind has not known “what-is,” if they have not seen the soul, and that the creation is in essence spiritual with a material overlay. Unless the soul is known, man is not a profound being.