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Might as well share my story
« on: April 09, 2015, 08:25:42 pm »
Well I'm here aren't I? I might as well say why I'm here in the first place, and what my beliefs are.

So let's see...I was raised in a laid-back household in terms of religious belief; My parents grew up going to church and believing in God, but they never thought it necessary to force those beliefs onto us, and I think they already grew out of those beliefs by the time they had us, their children.

The good thing is, they allowed us to think freely about things and come to understand the world on our own (as far as religious beliefs go). I'm pretty sure many others my age had certain beliefs instilled onto them by their parents, which left them limited in their thoughts. How can you think independently if you're told what to believe by those who bring you up? I guess I'm grateful that such indoctrination was not pushed onto me.

I consider myself a thinker...and probably to the extreme. There are some good things and some bad things about thinking a lot, but it was my thinking about exploring the issue that made me decide that God probably didn't exist, at least, surely, not in the way that others in the mainstream religions made him out to be.

In the online world, I came across a lot of interesting folks, who were of the atheist community, that seemed to make a hell of lot of sense to me. I considered myself an agnostic for many years, and still do, but decided to attach the atheist label at the same time. This though, really incites a fundamental disagreement about terminology, but I think in the whole process I also was exposed to good reasons and arguments to think that God doesn't exist. I really ought to organize everything that I've thought about and then present my case through a debate, which just might become a reality here on this forum, if I find a willing opponent to debate me on the topic of God's existence.

I think the most appropriate way to describe my views about religion/philosophy is that I consider it like a hobby. I seem to have an attraction to discussing these issues; I would call it intellectual curiosity.

Lately, I've been saying to myself, that if God is a reality, and if he represents goodness, then surely I would welcome such a thing into my worldview. Who wouldn't? I feel I'm open minded enough to accept new ideas if they are sensible. One of the main problems, I think, is that believers will tell me that in order to come to know God, I need to humble myself first. Well as a matter of fact, I did have a powerful experience of this nature at one time, but in retrospect I think it's very plausible that I was deluded in this emotion. Trust me, the feelings I had were real, and I felt as though I really had made a connection with God. After that one instance though, there was nothing. I continued to be a free thinker, questioning supernatural claims, and just basically going with what I perceived as a sensible, free, and mentally hygienic state of mind.

Oh, there's so much more to talk about, but I just thought I'd make this starting post to try to share a little about who I am. I guess if you want to know more, you probably should ask questions, and I'll be happy to answer the best I can. Alright then : )



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Re: Might as well share my story
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2015, 12:56:19 am »
Thanks for sharing..I read with interest and sense an authentic, searching, reasonable person working through some of the many issues of faith and belief that confront thinking people. I had a rather dramatic conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ in the mid 1970's which gave me a black and white, before and after experience that was so pronounced it gave me a highly experiential based reason for belief in God. Often this is not the case for many people raised in the church or those in the secular world. Not everyone has the Saul struck by lightning conversion. I hope that in some small or perhaps mighty way God will give you some experience of his presence that will reassure you and help you trust in him. My life is ridiculously busy and I'm often not able to follow through with all of my duties as a father, professor, and Christian. For whatever reason in a very troubled moment I felt compelled to respond to you. I don't have all the answers but I do have a profound sense of how much Jesus loves you. God Bless you. All the best, Larry aka lobocop1       



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Re: Might as well share my story
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2015, 09:35:39 pm »
Great to read both your stories. Larry, welcome!



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Re: Might as well share my story
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2017, 08:53:44 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
We really have no proof of the existence of God. Only words.
I would propose a God and Goddess of equal status and magnificence. They have not revealed themselves to us. In all honesty, if they were to show their existence, then all humanity in the world would know about it, there would be no doubt and be humbled. We would not be having endless debates on the subject. As for the Jesus Christ legend there isn't even proof of his existence.



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Re: Might as well share my story
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2017, 08:23:40 am »
Thank you for sharing your story. I really enjoyed reading them.