Leibnizian Cosmological Argument

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What cause the big bang
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:10:39 pm »
So I got curious to look this up. I read one comment that said this

According to modern theory of Physics, Big Bang was caused by Quantum fluctuation. Energy always existed. The term 'Nothing' is human made and cannot exist in reality. There is always something and that something is Energy. Quantum fluctuation always happens due to nature of energy, Big Bang was product of last Quantum fluctuation. You will never know how many Universes failed previous to current one and this one by chance formed in balance to exist. Such as absence of Anti matter explains it all and it makes sense.

I like to hear your response.

Re: What cause the big bang
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2015, 11:56:38 pm »
If there has always been SOMETHING in the Infinite Past, and that SOMETHING is Quantum fluctuation,

If you have infinite time, then even if you type randomly on a keyboard for infinite years, you are bound to create Shakespeare's Hamlet word for word. Likewise, Quantum fluctuation has an infinite amount of time in the past to form a universe so why wasn't the universe created back then, not just 13.7 billion years ago?