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The Bible is a Political Document

The Bible in not historical
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The bible is a storey book
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The Bible
« on: January 12, 2017, 04:43:30 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen
The Bible is a Political Document constructed and formulated by people who had a particular agenda in their time and place. My point is that if our Creator wanted to reveal himself or herself, there would be no doubt there would be no confusion. Everyone would be in wonder and amazement. I will extend that to all Religions and alleged Prophets. I can expand as the discussion proceeds.


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Re: The Bible
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2017, 03:45:32 pm »
I reject your poll question as a false dichotomy. The Bible is phenomenological, historical, and mythical, among many other things. It's an "all of the above" type of document. Treating it as anything other than all of the above is an academic and critical mistake.
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Re: The Bible
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2017, 08:22:10 am »
The Bible is very unique because of it's history. To call a mythical book is one thing if it only had one author.It has 40 different authors over a 1500 year period. The books were located in different locations when they were written. This tells if it was a mythical book then the followers of it wold all have been keeping a lie for 1500 years without conspiring with each other. To say that the these people come up with a lie over a history of 1500 years in different locations is just a conspiracy theory.



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Re: The Bible
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2017, 05:46:30 pm »
Hello, rap2017 - thanks for starting this discussion. You're clearly passionate about your anti-theistic beliefs, which I respect. As you know, I completely disagree with your opening statement.

For one thing, we could all arbitrarily dismiss your post as a "political document" that was "constructed and formulated" by someone with a "particular agenda" in his or her "time and place".

Secondly, there is a subtle assumption of human innocence in your post. You're effectively contending that God should just leap out of Heaven and scream, "Here I am, everyone." It's true this would leave no doubt as to who God is. However, if God did so, that does not mean people would love and respect God! On the contrary, the Biblical contention is precisely that humanity knows darn well God exists, but we hate God and seek to challenge the Almighty on a moral level (see Genesis 3). God is Truth and Goodness, and we want to be Truth and Goodness in God's place. I expounded on this more in my post "The Moral Argument for the Christian God Alone". In our desire to be self-justified apart from God, we have muddied the waters and sunken into the shadows of ignorance; hence the existence of atheism and myriad religions. God's goal is not merely to get everyone to intellectually acknowledge the Deity's existence. Note that Satan (if he does exist) firmly believes in God ... and absolutely hates God.

Thirdly, your accusation against the Bible is unjust. Many people have claimed that the Bible (especially the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament portion) is nothing but a political document concocted by the Hebrews to justify themselves and their rule over Palestine. And I have to question how carefully they are reading the Bible. From front to back, the Old Testament records the Israelite nation's foibles and shortcomings in graphic detail. You could easily argue that it's one long harsh criticism of ancient Israel!

But doesn't the Bible say that the Jews are God's "chosen people"? Yes! But chosen to do what?! Chosen to be what?! The irony is that there's absolutely nothing racist at all about the concept of the Jews being the chosen people. Critics of the Bible assume a racist connotation. Yet even the Old Testament repeatedly affirms that God is also the God of the Gentiles (all other ethnic groups). When God renamed Abram as Abraham (Genesis 17), part of the promise was that the whole world (all nations) would be blessed in him. So God chose the Hebrews precisely because the Almighty cares about all ethnic groups equally. God simply chose to work through the descendants of Abram/Abraham to reintroduce Himself to a planet full of rather unruly humans - and ultimately, Jesus came through the Jewish nation. From the Biblical standpoint, the Jews were given great privileges, but were never declared ethnically superior. So I would firmly contend that the Bible cannot be dismissed as some political document written by a people group attempting to establish itself as politically or ethnically superior.