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Dear friends:

Recently I learned 5 arguments for the existence of (a particular kind of) God provided by Dr. Craig from the following YouTube videos:


Currently I have the following 5 understandings about the 5 arguments:

1. The God in Cosmological Argument is the cause of the universe.
2. The God in Moral Argument is the source of objective moral values.
3. The God in Contingency Argument is the explanation of the universe's existence.
4. The God in Fine-Tuning Argument is an entity that loves life and set the cosmological constants so as to create or ensure that the universe would be hospitable to life.
5. The God in Ontological Argument is a Maximally Great Being.

But it seems that the Biblical God has more attributes/characteristics than the above kinds of God. For example, in Exodus the Biblical God is an entity who replied "I AM WHO I AM" to Moses. Therefore, the kinds of God in the 5 arguments do not seem to necessarily be the Biblical God.

So I have this question: What is/are the argument(s) for the existence of the *Biblical* God?

Re: What is/are the argument(s) for the existence of the *Biblical* God?
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2016, 07:29:22 am »
There is none. WLC usually says the best proof is the ressurection of Jesus. I'll pay him a compliment and assume he doesn't really think so, he must have some imagination after all. Obviously some peope try to use prophecies or alleged scientific knowledge in the bible. Obviously it doesn't work. Personal revelation don't work too given that they occur no matter what religion you follow.

Also I hope you're aware all these 5 arguments you presented are very easily refutable.
You see a grammar or spelling error in my post? Feel free to point it out, I'm still learning.


Gordon Tubbs

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Re: What is/are the argument(s) for the existence of the *Biblical* God?
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2016, 03:37:47 pm »
Philosophically, WLC's core arguments get one as far as Pantheism. You have to make a personal leap of faith to get from Pantheism to Panentheism (a God that exists AND is actively involved in his creation).

The point really is to demonstrate that belief in the existence of God can be reasonably justified. However, it seems every atheist YouTuber that has taken a Philosophy 101 class has felt the need to upload a video "debunking" WLC's arguments, which somehow renders WLC a charlatan. Aside from this, WLC would say the Historical Argument for the Resurrection is the best and definitive argument for Christianity proper.

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