Even if it was true that only life as we know it in our universe can exist, and even if it was true multiverse doesn't exist, even if creation of universe looked as WL Craig suggests, namely, we throw several dozen dices representing fundamental constants, every one of which having like 10^120 values, some more, some less. Why wuld you postulate a designer if you admit there exist non zero chance of all parameters falling into place?

That boggles my mind, rare events happen all the time, and no one say divine intervention was required. And by rare I mean super ultra infinitesimally rare. Assuming that during your life time you shuffled deck of cards 100 times, you have 1/(4*10^6790) chance to end up with the very sequence of configurations of 52 cards that you indeed wound up with. If it's not enough you can shuffle 1000 times...

No one is calling such event a miracle, no amount of shuffles that occured since beginning of the universe can account for occurance of such improbable event, yet it happened and no one in their right mind even give a toss.

Even if it turned out that after so many shuffles you always ended up with the same configuration and then tried to call it a miracle it would only prove, that our brains fool us into seeking meaning where there is none. For example if two people were tossing coins 100 times, and one end up with 100 tails, and second with totally random sequence of tails and heads, we tend to say that the first one is somehow more unique than second one. It really isn't at any fundamental level.

Why then specially plead other events and invoke creator?

I can go even further, let say that indeed sheer chance isn't satisfactory explonation, obviously we can't demand nature to always provide those kind of explonations that we like, but let's say we do it this time. On what basis do you claim that "goddidit" is right answer? What if our universe is just virtual reality run by some advanced aliens who live in some broader reality which is fully understood? It's remarkable how many people believe that god is somehow correct answer by default. It's not. You actually have to provide some more explonation other than "god can do it". Aliens can do it too if we live in matrix.

And let me stress it again. I assume here it's true that no other kind of life than that which we know from our universe can exists, this assumption is taken completely out of nowhere and probably false. Plus I assume multiverse can't exist which given how many scientists are working on it seems to be unreasonable assumption as well, especially to based one's worldview on. My point is to show that even then it is still futile to postulate intelligent designer.

What do you think?
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