ABSTRACT: Abstract. The Gospel of Matthew states that Jews accused the disciples of stealing the body. According to one popular argument for the historicity of the empty tomb of Jesus, the best explanation for Matthew’s testimony is that these same Jews were unable to deny the empty tomb and needed to come up with an alternative explanation. Therefore, Matthew’s secondhand report of Jewish testimony provides evidence for the empty tomb. I present a formal analysis of this argument, as defended by William Lane Craig, using techniques pioneered by legal scholar John Wigmore for handling masses of evidence. This analysis highlights several sources of reasonable doubt about Craig’s argument. Some of these doubts can be answered by modifying Craig’s argument. But others expose significant gaps, and I am unable to see how Craig could fill them.

LINK: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularoutpost/2016/05/12/draft-paper-on-the-jewish-hearsay-testimony-and-the-empty-tomb/