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Lucas's testimony
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:57:04 am »
I was raised in a Christian family but early In my teenage I didn't care much about religion or anything else. In my teenage I was very involved in games and pornography. I thought games and pornography was sufficient, and I would go and sin, bother other persons, and by no means I would think that I was being dragged by my unrighteousness, and wickedness. I was suppressing the truth to do unrighteousness (Romans 1:18). In my teenage Bible teachings went by one ear and went out by the other ear without making any sense (Hebrews 4:2). I was a devilish-person. Then was satanist for a brief time in my life, I was also an atheist for a brief time in my life.

Note: All of my atheism was based in foolishness thoughts. Like "God doesn't answers prays", "So much evil in the world", and so on, "God doesn't exist because He won't do what I want", etc.. just foolishness and childish thoughts. This was the base for my atheism, really. But even being an atheist I always had the feeling of being a sinner. I just didn't care about it, but I knew that I was a sinner, and I was well aware of that. But I was a standard atheist thinking I knew everything.

Then at age 22, more or less. I saw my life as a really mess, and I began to make those teachings of the gospel that I received before 22 more reasoning in my life. And I said to myself: I will live my life in function of the Gospel, not in function of games, pornography, or any other idolatry.

Then Jesus Christ stepped into my life ... And it was not so much like the histories you read on the NT (like when Jesus calls Matthew to follow Him, or Paul to follow Him), its was more like what you see in the book of John. I was at my garden, just walking around and philosophizing about the Bible and I, suddenly, began to think about Jesus's humiliation.

The Question popped into my mind: If Jesus is God how its possible that he humiliated himself before men (at His time here walking on earth)? How He humiliated himself before men? And I was wondering this question. If Jesus is God, like the NT says, How its possible that He lowered himself before men? Is He trying to teach us to be humble, He is trying to show us that humility is the way? Just this simple question unleashed the waters of knowledge.

THE SECOND KNOWLEDGE: Only way of reconciliation is Christ alone.
THE THIRD KNOWLEDGE: Repentance is a safe ground for a good eye.
THE FORTH KNOWLEDGE: Humble yourself before men.
THE SIXTH KNOWLEDGE: God has given to us eternal life, as a gift.

There are more wisdom coming until today, but these were the first 7 knowledges I received directly from God. I don't know if it was from the Holy Spirit, Jesus or YHWH, but I clearly know that was from God. Note: I was never baptized in waters by anyone.

I stated to myself that its was not possible for a normal human being to have such humbleness. Jesus presented to us a high degree of humiliation, then follows that He must be God indeed. This was sufficient to me to receive Him as Lord and Savior. Receive is a more appropriate term/word because I we are dealing with The Most High God, I can just receive His majesty in my life, receive His teachings, His ordinances. In other words the humbleness that Jesus taught me, is dominating my life.

It was overwhelming, so powerful, that it began to grow an amazing excitement about the Bible inside me. And until today I can not leave a day without reading the Bible. And I began to approach theology, textual criticism, manuscriptology, philosophy, etc with more and more eager. I study the NT in Greek, English, and Portuguese.

It was so overwhelming that when I began to realize who Jesus Christ was, I could only point all my efforts towards Him, and I'm still doing that, with praying. All my efforts are pointing now towards being Christ's bondslave. Since I received Christ I started to pray more and more, and more consistently. I began to understand the knowledge of the Bible more clear as well.

Since I received Jesus in order to free me from my sins, I had been shutting down every door of idolatry, pornography, etc. I do games, but very little time is dedicated into it. Games are not priority anymore, they are a waste of time.

Since Jesus entered my life, I had shut the door of moral subjectiveness (relativism) as well.

Now I am a servant of the SOVEREIGN LORD JESUS CHRIST. He is my owner and He is my strength. In Him I am complete. To the Beloved One Jesus Christ all my obedience; respect; reverence; admiration; and awe.  I humble myself because of Him. Since I received Him has been a daily happy life, in my heart and around me. I daily pray into repentance because what He did on the cross. His sacrifice, the greatest miracle of all miracles.



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Re: Lucas's testimony
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2017, 07:27:51 pm »
Congratulations Lucas! Welcome to the family of God my brother!