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Apostatizing, Coherentism, and Reformed Epistemology
« on: July 16, 2017, 08:35:09 am »
Hello ReasonableFaith readers! I am a young Christian and I had a few questions/thoughts about Reformed Epistemology and it's connections to Coherentism and Foundationalism. Essentially my thought process goes as follows: it seems to me (personally) that the bedrock of the assurance of the Christian faith is grounded in the "Inner witness of the Holy Spirit". Dr. Craig speaks often of the Holy Spirit being and intrinsic defeater-defeater (while not everyone accepts this notion, I will accept it for the basis of this this thought). Craig accepts the Holy Spirit as a defeater in this way because it would allow that a Christian never has a warranted reason to abandon his faith. However, if Coherentism, essentially the opposite of Foundationalism, became more compelling than Foundationalism, wouldn't then the Christian have said warrant (on Dr. Craig's view) to apostatize and leave the faith. On Dr. Craig's view, what would be some potential answers to this thought.

Again, I know that not all people who are Reformed Epistemologists subscribe to this defeater-defeater idea, my question is more so how on this specific version (Dr. Craig's in this case) would this thought be answered.

Now for my own personal question, can the witness of the Holy Spirit not be reconciled with Coherentism in some way? Ie His witness is built into a web of beliefs that is coherent and we have the subjective "surety" that Holy Spirit provides to believers?