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Definition of the concept of complexity
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:59:23 pm »
sry about my english!
My question is, what is the objective definition of the concept of complexity? Which will require Satisfactory explanation.

Usually the concept of complexity that requires an explanation is related to uniqueness.
So too man is unique. it's simple.
But according to this concept, the fine tuning argument is become very weak argument.
Because the most unique thing in the world is - a gravitational singularity with an huge space around him (how much the space is more huge - the uniqueness is bigger). (Think about it)
And every universe that its gravitation constant is greater than zero will produce such a complex world. The question is only how long it gonna happend.
If so, the chance that a unique world will not emerge is 0 (1 / infinity).

Maybe u have another objectively Definition to complexity? That the fine tuning argument could still stand after my question?
thanks in advance!