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I shared this a few weeks back but it appears to have not gone through. I will attempt to write what I previously questioned. I've always ascribed to the A-Theory of time but I recently watched the Fuel Projects Answers 25 on the question of "Who Created God?" and they talk about the relationship between space and time. As the video describes it, to me it seems to indicate that the B-Theory of time must be true! Please correct me if I'm missing something. I linked the video here:

Perhaps as far as we're concerned, from our perspective here on earth, living in only this space and therefore experiencing only this time, to us we for all intents and purposes live in the A-Theory of time. However, for someone like God (God the Father/Holy Spirit), who is in all space at once (being omnipresent) he is therefore also in all time at once. So to God the B-Theory is reality. That's my thoughts but let me know if I'm mistaken or if such a thing causes theologic (or other) issues. Thanks!

This is how I view this issue. I think you are correct. I think B is reality and A is our perception.