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If God Allows Genuine Evil, God Is Immoral
« on: July 10, 2020, 09:53:12 am »
P1) God allows evil.
P2) Children are raped and tortured.
P3) The rape and torture of children is evil.
P4) If y is a moral end that must obtain, then means x is justified just in case x is necessary for y obtaining.
P5) If means x is evil and sufficient but not necessary for y obtaining, means x is not justified.
P6) There is no moral end that must obtain and could only obtain through the rape and torture of children.
P7) Genuine evil is unjustified evil. (def)
SC1) The rape and torture of children is a genuine evil. (P3-P7)
SC2) Genuine evil exists. (P2, SC1)
P8) Allowing unjustified evil is immoral.
SC3) If genuine evil exists, God is immoral. (P1, P7, P8)
C) God is immoral. (SC2, SC3)
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