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Why Jesus was baptized by John - Resurrection prophecy
« on: May 26, 2018, 01:34:42 pm »
Why was Jesus baptized? - He "danced" with John the Baptist in prophecy! Jesus, not needing repentance, still approached the prophet for baptism.
Jesus' expressed acceptance of His declination toward His humiliation and by using John, God's final Old Testament prophet, as prophets-in-tandem, to offer His Own prophecy of His Own Death and Resurrection ("Let it be so, now"); and to initiate His Own separation to the Holy work of ministry, through His Father's revealed pleasure, commended formally by the Father, which came audibly and by the anointing of the Holy Spirit by the dove, visually. His free-will demonstration of death-to-self, by His symbolic death of water baptism, which He has passed on to us as our personal declaration of faith, was signifying His actual desire to give Himself to save us and His willingness to be offered as a Living Sacrifice.  He died to His human desires to claim preeminence for himself, but also put off His rightful God-claim to a worldly Lordship, by disarming himself in this personal, “submersive” (hidden) and submissive act of Dedication to that work which he saw His Father doing. Then, being led by the Spirit into temptation, He further demonstrated what humans could do in dependent trust and weakness, by His wilderness-temptation, scriptural responses to Satan, in order "to fulfill all righteousness" through every jot and tittle of the written Word (here in Matthew 3:15,16 and later in the Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:17, 18). He came to establish His Kingdom, not of this world. Jesus prefigures by symbolic death in baptism, not only His final submission to the cross, but His dying to the honours of deity.  He separated Himself from His justified proper place in God to identify as Man. Jesus can also be said to have submerged his teaching beneath waters of the parables, to be revealed only to the repentant poor of John's baptism. The Son hid Himself in humanity, as the Holy Spirit had been hid in Him. He revealed who He is by revealing what He saw His Father doing. Jesus became Servant to His creation. He was, in that sense, the First Fruits of Holy Spirit anointing for ministry. His humble commitment to the abasement He would endure to accomplish by the cross, His Father's Will fulfilled, as the Lamb of God, began; and culminated by the Father's revelation of the identity of His Son by the Resurrection and the efficacy of the Atonement (Propitiation) through our Redemption by His blood, declaring the Resurrection's Victory over Death and Sin in the fullness of time. It came three years later.
The Baptism of Christ, prophesied His Death and Resurrection - and the ministration to His body, the Church, of the Holy Spirit indwelling for Life and Power.