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God's Nature in Relation to Sin
« on: September 30, 2018, 11:05:29 pm »
I pose the argument that God is not the creator of sin. In moving forward, I ask all onlookers to acknowledge God as existing, for that is not the focus of this piece. To begin, I bring up the definition of sin – harm towards we and/or others, obstructing the Christian’s path to salvation. You either commit sin or you will the good of the individual. God calls individuals to not sin, as per the best of their abilities.  God, in fact, calls individuals to will the good of the individual, as well as make amends to our sins.  Eating from the Knowledge Tree in Eden was thought to be beneficial by Adam and Eve, but God discouraged it due to the proud nature and consequences of doing such a thing. But given that God created everything in the world, are there things he does not approve of? I pose that nothing that God created in this world is inherently bound or related to sin, but people can in fact corrupt or mishandle things in a sinful manner. The Tree itself emitted not atmosphere of sin; while it was tempting to use its fruits for knowledge, the Tree merely existing was not an affront to God. The act of consuming the fruit – contrary to God’s plan – caused sin to enter into the world as consequence. So I say, sin is a byproduct of malpractices. And given how God is truly good, God does not sin. So I also claim that God is not present among sinfulness. And given how God is all-knowing, all good, and unable to make mistakes, he would be immune to sin’s temptations. God, people, as well as angels all have the free will and power to act for themselves. Free will opens the user to choose their own actions as well as to live the consequences. Adam and Eve both chose to eat from the fruit, disregarding peer pressure and God’s intentions.  The serpent was banished from Heaven for choosing in his heart to disobey God. And God, how knows best, chooses to forgive people as many times as they find regret after each time they have sinned.  So I say that sin is merely a byproduct of unholy actions – it is not quantifiable, but it affects each individual and each individual’s potential for getting salvation. Given how God is the definition of “holy,” I finally claim that God did not create sin, but it was in fact made by individuals who are subject to faultiness.

Any pointers, objections, or constructive thoughts would be nice :D hope y'all have a nice day



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Re: God's Nature in Relation to Sin
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2018, 08:19:20 am »
Christians repeat over and over in their liturgy that they are sinners, but outside of a few immoral acts that are in general agreement with the laws of the land, no one knows what sin is. It has therefore been paradoxical to speak in overarching terms about “original sin,” when looking at most Christians who abide by laws and are not unfaithful to the spouse, sin seems absent. The New Age has capitalized on this, pronouncing themselves free from sin already, regarding it freedom to leave the church and its imputations of sin.

I’d submit that the real sin is found when you compare how humans have developed this globe, with how Jesus and His “tribe” would’ve developed it, which is to say the angels. There’s been no speculation about this, because it also hasn’t been included in religion that men should try to guess about or try to meet the Lord’s standards, in practical social situations. Theoretically God could have provided this guidance, but men chose instead to “eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,” i.e. to make themselves the only standard. Thus the Heaven the Lord might have made from this Earth, has been denied.

So, in general, find any problem on the globe, and recognize Jesus and the angels would not have generated this problem. It can be pollution, overpopulation, economic disparity, and of course crime and war. But also of course, angels would not have divided the lands up into nations, nor would they require any laws, since the laws of God are written into their brows. Once you see there are divine people who wouldn’t generate these problems, finding out why men generate these problems, you’ll generate the list of their actual sins.