Problem of Evil

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The End of War
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:22:40 pm »
The logic to end war is relatively simple, though never declared in religion.

1. Wise people long for total harmony without conflict their whole lives through.
2. Wise people have the intellectual power to foresee any conflict and avoid it easily.

See, this is what Jesus should have added, after saying, “Only those who do such-and-such are worthy of me.” You don’t just say, “Be wise.” You say, “Here’s what wisdom means.” Humans were left in a vague quagmire of sinfulness, without defined properties.

These corollaries follow:

1. Those who do not long for total harmony without conflict their whole life, must not have a substantial peaceful and blissful inner state that they want to keep protected.
2. Conflict can only be a result of weakness and impurity in the soul.

Of course it appears inevitable that wars would ensue despite anything the Lord said. What is significant is that the standard was not even presented, a way exists without war. Christians accept that they’re impure, but not weak. Their bodies seem so strong to them.