Problem of Evil

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The Devil Undone
« on: October 15, 2018, 01:48:53 pm »
”The devil himself can become beauty, so we are told, to corrupt mankind.” -Iain Pears

Recently I’ve been noting ideas of a devil have severe self-contradictions, until such ideas are traceable to their actual source, which is ordinary humans. First, there’s a hypothesis the devil would be in charge of Hell, and that God would be distant. This means God would have needed to empower an Adolf Hitler type, which is to say a being who rejoices to see others in woe. At the same time this would mean God would have to remain blind or ignorant of this aspect of creation, otherwise it would mean the Creator has a huge flaw in His personality, having made weak and corrupt entities with an intent to make them suffer. Yet for God to be blind or ignorant, ignores His omniscience. To take the idea further, it would actually be empowering humans too much, if they could endure eternal woe! That itself is a great creation, and if they have that type of power why can’t they seize control of Hell and turn it around? Do too many devils poke them?

Next, we can ask the idea about Satan’s motive, what he’s getting from his rebellion. We don’t have theories about the types of things angels are allowed or able to do, to understand what different kinds of things Satan would be doing, if his rebellion succeeds. As far as I can see he’s just granted rulership of Hell, as the one who truly enjoys seeing humans suffer while God vacations in the background, hiding among the faithful angels. Satan’s rebellion thus seems tied up with a corruption of his personality, not an actual choice, and again we’re drawn back to the human plane, where there is joy over another’s woe. God wants the best for all souls, including power. Satan wants the power, but not to dwell in harmony with the other angels. Yet what is his kingdom like? Why does he rejoice in it, while the other angels find it repulsive? Any practical ideas come back to the choices humans make, to pursue pleasures, to oppress others, and even to destroy worlds.