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Jesus Approaches
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:14:29 pm »
The Bible is lamentably weak in describing how Jesus came to be known to people. No one has noticed this, but in fact among rational entities even one miracle would be more than sufficient to grant the miracle worker the stature of an authority the rest of his life. Instead the Bible describes miracles, then doubting, then more miracles and more doubting. The modern age abounds in claims to miracles, that I have no doubt to be false, including the “saint system” of Catholicism. In the story of Moses, the children of Israel are about ready to tear him limb from limb, only stopped at the last instant by another miracle. I think miracles are a form of thuggery. People are making false claims to obtain power, supported by others who want to share in the power. It’s deep dishonesty in man.

Then there’s the story of how Jesus purportedly wowed the Jewish elders by “speaking with authority” while a child. This story makes it appear Jesus was appreciated in His knowledge-aspect, but the story omits the critical fact only someone who also knows, can recognize another knower. Metaphysics is a black box to humanity, and human minds are filled with myriad vain theories, each individual claiming to be right. This very theology forum is supposedly a gathering of knowers, but how could they ever possibly be wowed? Unusual speech draws persecution, not adoration, especially when it appears to interfere with self-will, the conclusions of the natural man for what he ought to be doing.

The Sermon on the Mount always bothered me, because it is so vague it is impossible to imagine a crowd gathering to hear it. Today all eyes would turn away, enraptured by cell phones instead, but we’re supposed to believe the humans in ancient Israel actually cared and thought that sermon to be intriguing? I think instead that the disciples listened, and wove the story about the crowd later. “The Life of Brian” is a curious film, that seems to be woven from this and related concepts. How do we know a knower is near? Who cares? The Sermon on the Mount is little more than a poem, anyone’s guess what it could mean.

Finally I could observe that if you asked anyone to drop his work and follow you today, including preachers or other devoted Christians, they’d tell you to go straight to a certain unhappy place. In short, the New Testament gives a picture of people responding, that is intended for “consumption” by people who would never respond. It paints a much brighter picture of man, than actual man can support. The curious thing is that it’s accepted. No one notices, “Hey, we’re not really like that.” In some ways everything is coming in as entertainment, where no one is able to assess the actual human limitations.