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Who Needs a Messiah?
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:48:59 pm »
It’s clear that awaiting a messiah, or awaiting the “return” of the Founder, has great appeal to large numbers of humans. Yet I wonder if it has all been a gimmick. The Founder appears, then the Founder-awaiters, then the teeming masses expecting gifts. Christianity actually loses the Savior, when they insist He was “fully God and fully man.” Elsewhere the teachings are divided, with no solid existential paradigm. If the Lord is the Creator embodied, as Christians sometimes say, there are very heavy consequences, one of which is that He might prefer not leading humans directly. Why do humans presume themselves fit to mingle with their Creator, even as they keep chanting over and over they are “miserable sinners”? The thing about a messiah, is that he’s a great leader of men. Instead if the Creator is divine, everything He does and says may be unappealing to men.

There is something else. In looking for a messiah, the “teeming masses” are looking for another like themselves. Yet by definition, a human cannot be saved by another creature. Only someone who comes from outside creature-land, could possibly be the actual savior. Thus Jesus cannot be a messiah as men expect. Furthermore it isn’t clear what the messiah is going to do, or say, that will keep the people entertained when Netflix is available. It isn’t clear what Christians think will happen, when they are “with Jesus.” As each awaits a savior, isn’t he just waiting for justification of his private ideas, that necessarily conflict with those of his neighbor? Each wants a private savior, and no man or God could unite humans, whose minds are drawn to contention “as sparks fly upward.”
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